GPS technology has significantly developed and changed our lives entirely. Now, we can track anyone’s location through GPS technology. Moreover, there are so many GPS golf watches available on the market. These watches are beneficial for golfers to detect yardages, hazards, neighboring golf courses, and much more. That is why golfers know very well that they need a golf GPS watch to lower their scores.

On the other hand, it is confusing to know what is the best golf GPS watch. Most beginners don’t know how to operate these watches and what to look for before purchasing one. So, for your convenience, in this article, we shall tell you which golf GPS watch is the best.

                        Functions of Golf GPS Watch  

A golf GPS watch performs various functions to make your gameplay more enjoyable. Moreover, while using it, you can do your best performance.

A golf GPS watch shows you the distance of the golf course from different angles like back, front, and center. So, you can get a better view of the course before making a shot. Moreover, a golf watch works like a Google map on a golf course. It helps you select the correct club for each shot. However, make sure to blow the stroke in the right direction.

While we talk about which golf GPS watch is the best, remember that a top-model watch offers more excellent and accurate results. Also, these superb quality watches come with a high price tag. However, it is vital to consider that your watch should provide correct and maximum accurate results for your game. If not, your watch is not worth buying.

What is the Best Golf GPS Watch?

If you want to buy the best golf GPS watch, you must consider certain vital factors in a watch model. Let’s check them out.


Indeed, the best golf watch should provide many other functions except for golf. Also, it should be versatile enough that you can wear it not only for playing golf but also for other purposes. For example, some golf GPS watches offer fitness and health features also. Furthermore, there are many watches with wide screens, and it is a bonus feature to have.


It would help if you always went for a lightweight golf watch since you need to wear it on your wrist for a more extended period. If it feels heavy & bulky on your wrist, you won’t enjoy the game thoroughly. Moreover, a heavy watch doesn’t let you swing your ball easily. So, make sure to get a comfortable, lightweight watch full of excellent features.

There are so many excellent watches that aren’t lightweight but offer fantastic features. However, honestly, they hinder your swing. So, find a watch that will not interfere with your gameplay.


You can find different watch models according to your requirements and style. Most fast golfers are used to putting a quick peep on display before swinging a shot. On the other hand, some players need to have detailed information on every shot. So, it all depends on your playing style and what watch model suits you the best.


Golf GPS watches come with two main types of displays such as:

  • Touchscreen 
  • Non-Touchscreen


These watches have a comparatively high price tag. However, they come with more unique features, like actual green views and coloured images. Similarly, touchscreen watches are difficult to operate, and you need to understand their functions. These watches have a bright screen, and you can also read the information in the sunlight.


On the contrary, non-touchscreen watches come with a black & white display. Also, they have limited graphics, and there are buttons on their sides to operate them. Both displays perform the job successfully, and you can choose one of them according to your need and budget. The choice is up to you.

Golf courses

The best golf GPS watch has more than 40K+ pre-installed Best golf courses gps watch globally. It truly depends on you what type of golf course you want to play on. Moreover, different types of courses require different types of GPS information. It would help if you found a watch with pre-installed courses to get the best features out of your watch.

Additionally, the best golf watch can estimate the course height. It helps the golfer detect his distance from the pin, and in this way, a golfer can recover every shot.

Maximum Accuracy

One of the essential features of the Best golf GPS watch is maximum accuracy. It should offer you the exact distance location, yardages, hazards, water exposures, and other vital information. Remember that occasionally, some top-rated GPS watches don’t show accurate results. The reason is that there are particular hurdles in the way, such as trees, mountains, and buildings.

So, in case of this situation, keep a rangefinder with you to get an accurate distance location. Moreover, if your watch shows accurate results within seven yards, it is acceptable comparatively. Typically, several golf watches offer the same accuracy as they all receive signals from the same satellite.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your watch map upgraded. So, you will get the maximum accurate results from your GPS watch. Additionally, if your watch provides you with maximum accurate results, you can boost your performance while enjoying it. Also, you will avoid presumption & advance the club selection. So, keep on your research to find a good quality golf GPS watch to improve your performance in golf.

Battery Power

GPS golf watches require regular charging with a USB cable. However, laser rangefinders work with powerful battery. Also, you can exchange them once every six months or a year. A good quality golf watch offers a long battery life. If it has a limited battery life, it will spoil your gameplay since you don’t want to charge your watch again and again. So, find a watch that provides more extended battery power.


Lastly, we suggest considering the cost of a watch before purchasing one. You should compare the price of the watch and your budget to analyze if you can afford it or not. If your budget is tight, you can consider a budget-friendly model. However, keep in mind that an expensive golf watch will offer you more unique features than a cheap model. So, decide according to your requirement and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. It truly depends on what you want from a watch. If you want to have a colorful display of maps, we suggest going for the SkyCaddie LX5. However, the Shot Scope V3 provides shot tracking very well. Besides, Garmin & Bushnell offer golfers the most exceptional features and specifications. The choice is up to you.

Ans. Garmin S60 is one of the easiest golf watches. It features 40 k+ pre-installed golf courses around the globe. Moreover, it offers longer battery life, such as ten hours of usage. It is an easy-to-use watch, and even beginners can learn to operate it without much effort.

Ans.Golf GPS devices are extra competent than laser rangefinders as they offer more accurate distances. Also, they can detect obstacles such as hazards, water exposures, and even the shape of the green extra accurately.

Ans. If you take good care of your golf watch and rangefinders, they will last for more than 3 to 5 years. Also, you need to keep maintenance and change the battery to use them even for more extended periods.

Ans.Yes, an Apple watch also offers a GPS function. So, you can check the distance of any golf course while using GPS on your Apple watch. Besides, it offers you the feature to detect nearby courses as well.

Ans. Navigation is the essential function of a GPS watch. Moreover, it successfully tracks the golf courses, detects anyone’s location, and offers many more valuable features. It is just like the GPS located in a vehicle.

Ans. Yes, golf watches are legal to use as the United States Golf Association has permitted it. So, GPS devices & laser rangefinders have been allowed to use in tournaments and casual play since 2006. However, a native law instructed a tournament board to prohibit these devices.


We hope that this article about what is the best golf GPS watch will help you find an excellent model. Of course, if you want to lower your scores, you should get a golf watch that will provide you the accurate information. Also, it will boost your game performance while making your gameplay more enjoyable.

On the other hand, a golf GPS watch is a must-have item for golfers since they need the most accurate and exact information. So, keep researching to find a suitable model. All the details mentioned above will help you in this regard. Furthermore, the rest is up to you. Still, if you need to ask something else, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Our team will love to answer you as soon as possible. Keep enjoying golf!

Jake Paul