Cut Golf Balls Review: Expert’s Verdict

Do you know the weird yet daring statement Cut Golf (golf gear brand) makes? The company proclaimed their balls are: The Best Damn Golf Ball Under $20. Seems bold? Maybe. But to test how true the cut brand’s claim is, our experts have tested the ball and come up with an honest cut golf ball review.

Many experienced golfers didn’t trust the Cut Golf claim, and the brand remains unnoticed. It is because pros always prefer premium brands such as Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade. The best part is that their balls are also available for under $20. That’s why we decided to put a review in front of you. It will help you to get a variety of options that are beyond premium but often heard brands.

In this article, we will share a Cut Golf balls review and related information you would love to know.

What is Cut Golf?

Cut Golf is a brand whose popularity is increasing gradually due to its testing by numerous recreational golfers. The products are extremely affordable, and the brand has mentioned this point in its bold claim. It’s because the brand uses a direct-to-customer model that eliminates margins associated with wholesalers or traditional retailers.

When it comes to performance, Cut Golf balls are a tough competitor of some leading brands in the market. Our review suggests that these balls are a strong rival of Titleist Pro V1.

One of the apparent differences between Cut Golf balls and other premium balls is the color. While cut golf balls are bright and white, their color isn’t necessarily an issue. It’s something a buyer should know before spending on these balls.

Cut Golf Balls Review (Detailed)

Until now, we just discussed a slight rivalry between Cut Golf balls and other balls available in the market. Now it’s time for the review our experts have conducted.

Cut Golf uses advanced materials and impressive aerodynamics to craft golf balls. The brand brings a number of advanced technologies together that fit various playing styles. In short, it offers four main golf ball styles.

For your ease, we have devised a list of those different balls crafted by Cut Golf. We will review all of them and put our verdict to help you make a purchasing decision.

Cut Matte Golf Balls

The Cut Matte Golf balls are 3-layer balls that fully impress our experts. It’s because the ball is engineered with a vibrant ionomer cover and a soft core. This simple yet effective combination delivers control and spins around the greenside.

This ball has a compression rating of 75, so it’s too soft to touch. Even golfers with low-swing speed, seniors, or women will enjoy maximum distance off the tee.

Moreover, the softcore and an active acceleration mantle promote higher velocity and improved speed transfers. The surly-crafted cover improves spin and ball flight. And if you want to show off in style, you have a variety of ball colors to choose from.

In terms of pricing, the Cut Matte is very similar to other Cut Golf balls available in the market. The ball costs 19.97, and that’s the current rate.

Key Features:

  • The simple dimple pattern offers high launch and speed.
  • Its Surlyn cover promotes straight flight.
  • The ball is best for low-swing golfers.


  • The ball covers extreme distances
  • It is better in terms of durability
  • The ball supports newbie or low-swing golfers


  • This ball fails to offer much spin
  • The side-to-side spin is a minus point
  • It doesn’t provide much loft

Cut blue golf balls Review

Cut blue is a four-layer construction ball that offers maximum distance. While being impressive in the distance, it doesn’t sacrifice control and side-to-side spin. Golfers who like to play with wood or irons will see maximum ball performance.

Moreover, the ball contains a 343 dimple pattern, contributing to an increased distance. Its high-velocity musical fiber core offers a medium trajectory.

In terms of compression, the rating is closer to 90, resulting in a soft feel. This smooth texture makes them advantageous around the green.

The durability of Cut blue golf balls is unbeatable. It’s because the cover contains robust urethane material and an extra layer of rubber. The liquid rubber sets exactly between the core and the cover.

Lastly, the price of Cut blue golf balls is something that attracts our experts the most. Purchasing a box of a dozen can cost around $19.97.

Key Features:

  • They are suitable for moderate swing players
  • The high-velocity musical fiber core helps to cover long distances.
  • These balls are extremely forgiving.


  • The price point is outstanding
  • Its core and cover help to produce speed
  • The ball provides maximum distance and spin


  • It can get scratched easily, especially on sand shots
  • The ball may not suit low handicappers
  • It may not provide much control over the green

Cut Grey Golf Ball Review

A cut grey ball is a three-layer construction ball that contains a soft compression. Therefore, they give a much softer feel. Golfers with moderate swing speeds can easily get their hands settled on this ball.

The ball contains a urethane cover with a 314 dimple count. This pattern minimizes drag and increases loft and flight. And the shell covering this pattern produces superior aerodynamics.

Performance-wise cut grey golf balls are impressive. For instance, low compression offers a high distance and optimal spin level. And most importantly, the solid center core generates more rebounds on long shots.

A box containing a dozen cut grey golf balls costs more than $19.97. However, many retailers sell it at a high cost to earn some extra margin. So be careful before making a purchase.

Key Features

  • The ball delivers extreme distance and low spin.
  • The dimple pattern helps to increase flight time.
  • Its solid center core creates more rebounds on long shots, resulting in great distances.


  • The ball is available at a reasonable cost
  • A good choice for moderate swingers
  • It covers extreme distances


  • It gives less accuracy to novice golfers
  • The durability is pretty poor
  • It doesn’t not produce much rebound

Cut DC Golf Balls Review

The DC ball is the latest member of the Cut Golf family. Cut DC golf balls are specially crafted to meet the quality demand of pro players. For instance, the dual-core design with the addition of moderate compression enhances distance on shape shots.

The science behind the creation of Cut DC is impressive. Its dual-core offers accuracy, precision, spin, and distance. And the distance part further improves if you have a high swing speed.

Moreover, the durable urethane cover produces maximum spin but reduces side spin, and that’s an advantage. The decent 360 dimple pattern on this durable cover guarantees consistency on straight shots.

This four-layer golf ball boosts the ball’s aerodynamics and supports the dimple pattern. That all contributes to a greater loft and flight. For this purpose, it should be ideal for people with faster club heads.

As mentioned earlier, Cut Golf claims that their balls are the best option a golfer can get under $20. However, this isn’t true for the DC edition. The price of a dozen is a bit higher and can cost around $29.27 (the shipping costs are not included).

Key Features

  • The ball encourages shape shots
  • It offers greater loft and flight
  • The ball is suitable for high-swing golfers


  • The ball offers excellent control and precision
  • It contains a dual-core design
  • The ball has moderate compression to fit all style players


  • A bit more expensive than other Cut Golf balls
  • The cover isn’t very durable
  • The aerodynamics isn’t very advanced

Our Verdict:

The team of experts checked all these balls and the results are open in front of you. Now the question arises Which ball you should choose?

Our experts have cleared this query. According to them, each ball suits different players, and that’s mentioned in our review. Read it thoroughly to know. Meanwhile, here is a final verdict given by our experts after conducting the cut golf balls review:

The Cut Golf ball is a great tour quality ball that’s a tough rival to premium balls such as Titleist or Callaway. It has something special that the brand is offering at a low cost. The distance, forgiveness, and spin, all factors that come under performance, were great. However, the ball lacks durability and usually gets cuts after a 9-hole round. With that said, our experts rated the ball 8.2 out of 10.

Cut Golf Balls Vs Pro V1

Our experts tried to hit a cut golf ball with a Driver, and the results were very impressive. Each Cut Golf style ball takes a long flight and beats Pro V1 in both speed and loft.

BallsBall SpeedLaunch AngleSpin RateCarry Distance
Cut Blue Golf Balls171 mph12.42098 mph292 yards
Cut Grey Golf Balls172 mph121954 mph294 yards
Cut DC Golf Balls174 mph12.52348 mph302 yards
Titleist Pro V1170 mph12.21850 mph290 yards

Who Makes Cut Golf Balls?

Many entrepreneurs tried to stay in the golfing world as a ball manufacturing business, but they came and went. It’s because top brands have already taken over the golfing world.

Sam Uisprapassorn, the founder and owner of the Cut Golf brand, is an entrepreneur who tried his best and got success in this business. The reason behind his success wasn’t luck but the cost.

Cut Golf is a leading brand name in the golf industry that offers its balls at a fraction of the cost. Even some brands think that Cut Golf is spoiling the golf business and golfers are getting benefits.

Are Cut Golf Balls Any Good?

For the cost, the Cut Golf is a great tour-quality ball for most recreational golfers. While it may not perform as well as other premium balls do, Cut Golf balls attract most players who play for fun or testing purposes. Not only this, pros also use this ball on PGA and European tours.

One of the most apparent benefits of this ball is the distance. It’s because other equivalently priced balls aren’t able to travel much farther. Even the medium trajectory and high launch angle are just to promote extreme distances.

However, one downside that most budget-friendly balls have is poor durability. Our experts found that the ball doesn’t last more than 9-holes. The most durable ball out of all Cut Golf ball styles is the Cut DC.

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Wrapping Up

We hope our Cut Golf Balls review helped you to understand the science behind the creation of these balls. These balls are great tour quality balls if the price is your concern. You can simply visit Amazon and order a dozen. It will cut the margin of middlemen.

As mentioned earlier, the brand’s claim is true somehow. That’s because it is the best tour-quality ball under $20. However, other balls are also available, which are extra superior in performance. But the downside is they are costworthy.

There are 4 different styles of Cut Golf balls that we discussed in our article. Each one is engineered to suit different-level golfers. To select one that is perfect for your needs, go through our detailed review thoroughly.

Jake Paul