Best Golf GPS watch to Buy- Elite Yet Economical Game

The golf champion is well aware of the golf courses, and you can be one of the promising golf players if you know which golf GPS watch to buy. The factors that stand out from the crowd in a golf game are numerous, but one crucial is to be persistent and consistent in winning on every golf course you play.

The golf watches have 30000-40000 golf course maps and locations preinstalled in most cases. This helps you minimize your efforts because an ordinary smart device might need to connect it with a computer for maps in the back days during a foreign game. I have tested more than 20 golf watches to apprehend users’ queries. If you are a professional golfer, you must be aware of the importance of a golf course GPS watch. Golf watches are in demand because they accurately measure distance and yardage. The golfer can easily have a caddie with a perfect shot on their wrist. You can score more points with the golf watches with quite ease. Are you getting difficulty in measuring the distance of your ball? Why bother the caddie? Look for The best golf GPS watch to buy that can help you get the exact distance of your target.

Top 8 Picks for Best Golf GPS Watch to Buy -According to Professional Golfers Experience

1-Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

For me, it is one of the top choices among the best eight golf GPS watches because 41000 full course maps of the top grounds make it easier for your golfing experience. The screen is large enough to get the ideal positioning of the ground and all the holes. The more profound way is that it is scratch-resistant.

The golf game may turn from a few hours to a full-fledged day, with the perfect gaming watch battery-powered up to 20 hours. It keeps you not only connected but also updates your playing field scenarios.

  • Green view to locate pins and holes
  • Very convenient for an uphill and downhill shot
  • It tells about the wind speed and direction
  • The screen resolution is perfect for use.
  • You can pair with the CT10 Club for a more accurate shot
  • Not easy to use for old citizen
  • Green can only view with manual maps.

Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch

NETGEAR C6 Gigabit MU-MIMO Wireless Router

Key Features:

  • Large Display
  • Manually Locate Pins and Holes
  • Best For Uphill and Downhill Shots
  • Battery Time 20 Hours with GPS Mode
  • Readable during the sunlight

The Garmin S62 is preferred over other available options due to the ease of wearing, lightweight, very bright display, and battery time. You do not need to worry about the yardages count and relaxingly make an uphill shot with convenience and accuracy.

2-Garmin Approach S12 (Best to Find the Greens with 30 hours Batter)

I like the Garmin Approach S12 due to various reasons, but the best feature is the 42000 golf courses preloaded. The watch display is fantastic, and you can have e bright and wide view of your shot. I prefer to locate the pins with my Garmin S12 rather than seeing them with the rangefinder.

The person not familiar with technology always finds it hard to use a new device. But with the Garmin Approach S12, you do not need to burden yourself with the hassle of technology because it is convenient to use. The very exhilarating feature of the Garmin Approach S12 is that you must not burden yourself with the anxiety of playing in unknown golf courses as it has preloaded 42000 global golf courses in it.

  • 42000 Preloaded Golf Courses available when connected with Garmin App.
  • Setting up is significantly easier for the general public and works without flaws.
  • Comprehensive Garmin S12 provides all yardages from all sides (front, back, and middle of greens)
  • Readable in the bright sunlight.
  • It works very fine when paired with the CT10 club.
  • The band is so soft to wear and looks tremendous on your wrist.
  • Not recommended for the layup distance
  • If you are getting this for pin positioning, locating manual pins might not be accurate.

Garmin Approach S12

Key Features:

  • Battery Time 30 Hours With GPS Mode
  • Automatic Score Calculation
  • Yardage Information from the front middle or back of the green
  • 42000 Preloaded Golf Courses

I love to play with this device due to its very long-lasting battery time because the Garmin S12 can give you 30 hours of playtime with the GPS feature. If you want to enter your score manually, just enter it on your GPS watch and swing your club, and the golf watch will function automatically. I find it significantly easier to locate greens with this digital watch.

3Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch (Very Stylish and Affordable)

If you have trouble getting a smartwatch for your daily task, the Shot Scope G3 is easier to use and settings quite simple. The Shot Scope is not only a golf buddy GPS device that turns out to be a trained caddie. Why bother having the help of your fellow buddy when virtual caddie is on your wrist getting exact distance, yardages, green maps, and complete course view?

I like the Shot Scope G3 GPS watch for many reasons, but the prime one is that its design is beautiful and suits my personality. The Shot Scope G3 is undoubtedly a premier golf GPS watch to buy because it not only keeps track of every swing you make and not only it is a go-through.

If you are low in the budget, the Shot Scope G3 is the best buy golf GPS watch due to its very stylish look and reasonable battery time. The golf game can be more enjoyable when your friends accompany you with the Shot Scope G3; you don’t need a memo or rangefinders to know your score.

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Easy to read your distance
  • Track your performance with the bright daylight display
  • 36000 free courses preinstalled in it.
  • Battery time sufficient for 18 hole game
  • The design is very stylish and suits your personality.
  • The plastic material is fragile.
  • It didn’t give the hazards option like water etc.
  • Not recommended if you are getting it for finding greens.

Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch (Very Stylish and Affordable)

Key Features:

  • Easier to use, and getting ready for first-time use is very simple
  • No more hassle of the monthly subscriptions
  • Water-resistant and a technical assistant during rainy days
  • Visible during the bright sunlight

The recommended model of the golf GPS watch is a favorite of novice players and professional players. The affordable and tested durable watch can also withstand water exposure and offers a technically long battery life. Moreover, the advanced mapping has a user-friendly display.

4-SkyCaddie LX5 (Best buy Golf GPS Watch)

The golf game for a new person may be mythical, or getting a consultation for the caddie might cost you a fortune. The GPS golf watches are helping measure yardages, but you won’t be worried about tracking yardages by a monitor or a yard chart. This is the watch if you want to play across the globe because the more than 35000 maps of the top golf ground lead the competition.

The sky caddie LX5 is reliable for 4-5 rounds, and the display is quite decent. It is way more convenient to hit the ball with the club, and distance will be shown on your wrist. A course view map not only helps you to analyze the gap between your ball and the hole, but you can put the exact force while swinging your club. I love this golf GPS watch best buy because I need a slight tap to view the map and direct the ball to the next hole.

  • Very easy to use and relatively simple to set up
  • The accuracy level of the Skycaddie LX5 is phenomenal for greens, water, bunkers, or even trees.
  • The display is excellent and daylight viewable.
  • The course image helps you stay ahead of the game with your LX5 golf wristwatch.
  • Subscription cost may cost you money every other month
  • Screen wake up time is 30 seconds, and for a longer duration, you can tap gently to get your score
  • The watch only shows the final score when you connect it with the sky golf mobile app

SkyCaddie LX5 (Best buy Golf GPS Watch)

Key Features:

  • Three years subscription for 35000 world golf ground maps
  • Battery 2 Rounds
  • Bright Color Display
  • Easy to Use
  • HD Color View
  • Automatic Green Position
  • Heart Rate Monitor

What is the best golf GPS watch to buy? The sky caddie solves your monthly subscription, and the GPS location is impressive. The sky caddie LX5 undoubtedly is one of the most in-demand smartwatches for golf. Because it has an HD display and can function up to 2 rounds before it needs to connect with a charger.

5- Shot Scope V3 (No Subscription Fee)

The vital aspect of the golf game is that it is not a simple, less time taking game. If you worry about the battery time of your golf, watching the shot scope solves your problem. It might be frustrating for players when the battery of their smart golf watch ends during the layups. I prefer the shot scope v3 for various reasons, but my favorite is the golf tracking during the tournament.

The shot scope v3 is not an ordinary golf watch, but it suits your personality with its fantastic design and fantastic display. The GPS feature of shot scope v3 is way more advanced than you can quickly know the exact location of pins and holes and how far your ball is traveling.

If you are sick of paying subscription services to carry on your golf activities, it stops with the shot scope v3; no more worry about spending more on your traditional golf apps for shot tracking, ball distance traveling, and points calculation.

  • More than 30000 Preloaded Maps
  • No more subscription costs.
  • Very easy to pair with mobile phone and compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Free Shot Scope Mobile App for more valuable insights to help improve your golf game.
  • The display is readable during the sunny weather, and brightness is apparent to view your score and location of holes.
  • Best buy a golf GPS watch.
  • The only drawback I found in this device is that you might tap it every 30 seconds, and screen time is less.
  • You might feel challenging to enter your score on the Shot Scope V3 as it is not simple and requires a lot of effort.

Shot Scope V3 (No Subscription Fee)

Key Features:

  • Manually Locate Pins and Holes
  • GPS Shot Tracking Device
  • Fit For Everyday Use
  • 36000 Preloaded Courses
  • 10 Hours Battery Time with GPS Mode

The encouraging feature I like about the shot scope v3 is that it is weather resistant and very long-lasting material. The negative aspect of this shot scope v3 is that it is not preferred to those areas that are not mapped by google earth, so that accuracy and shot tracking might not work as accurately as it is on the planet’s mapped locations net.

6-GolfBuddy Aim W11 GPS Golf Watch (Stylish and HD Quality Display)

Why stay frustrated when you don’t put the ball into a hole? Make a swing with your club and golf buddy aim w11 watch tells the distance on your wrist. The revolution of the game in golf with the advanced clubs and GPS watches make it easier to play and track the record of every pin and hole.

If you are getting new equipment to improve your golf game, I advise you to have a golf buddy aim w11 GPS golf watch. There are numerous GPS watches available, but if you want a stable one with a good battery and bright display, the golf buddy aim w11 is not only dedicated to golf matches. Still, it can be worn to track your fitness and other related.

No reason to hesitate on a slope. You will be aware of the nearest pins and holes on your wrist.

  • The device is waterproof and works accurately on a cloudy day without getting wet.
  • Closest to the green and accurate distance of green and water, let you produce magic with the swing of your club.
  • Battery time is sufficient to play a 28 hole game.
  • Automatic start counting with no more reliance on the memo or scoreboard for viewing your score
  • Customer Service is not responsive

GolfBuddy Aim W11 GPS Golf Watch (Stylish and HD Quality Display)

Key Features:

  • 40000 worldwide golf courses preloaded
  • Color Touch Screen
  • Low light mode
  • Green View for Hazards

My plus points of this device are straightforward wearing with no chance of getting frustrated as it is very easy to use. Stay ahead of your opponent with an accurate GPS display and score more points by striking the ball in every hole.

7-Garmin Approach S42

Garmin Approach S42

You don’t need to worry about the battery timing of your golf watch because the Garmin Approach s42 has a long-lasting battery and is an excellent gear in your golf match. The battery time while using the Garmin approach s42 is 15 hours with the GPS mode on, and with the smartwatch mode, it lasts up to 10 days. I prefer the S42 due to its green location and hazard view.

Smart golf watches make your game convenient and easier, and with the color screen of the s42 Garmin watch, you can know how far your ball is traveling. The latest survey reveals that GPS watches can measure the ball’s ball’s distance with up to 50 cm of accuracy. The rangefinders are nowadays getting less praise because of the new GPS watches like Garmin Approach s 42.

  • Battery time is the ultimate feature one can rely on while getting the gamin s42
  • The screen is visible during the sunny day, and brightness is a life savior.
  • The green Field feature makes your golf game relatively easier, and your reliance on the caddy will be decreased over time.
  • The watchband is very comfortable to wear
  • Setting up is a difficult task, and you can call customer support for help.
  • The watch is not water-resistant and might not be used during the rainy season.

Garmin Approach S42

Key Features:

  • Colour Touch Screen
  • 15 hours GPS Battery
  • Screen Size 1.2 inches
  • Green view Position
  • Best buy a golf GPS watch

Why bother having a caddie when a watch on your wrist is your golf buddy. You can get as many shots and puts as your wish for with ease. The best feature of the Garmin is that you can see it all in a green field and make a perfect shot. Garmin is known to produce top of the notch products for golfers to buy like.

8-Bushnell Ion Edge (For Only Golf)

If you are having trouble with layups, the Bushnell ion edge dramatically helps you to improve your tricky shots. The reason to choose this product is that you don’t require unnecessary functionalities like the heartbeat or BMI calculators to set up, and it is specifically made for golf.

Then I recommend Business Ion Edge is improved battery power for extra time to play a golf game. The business is a budget-friendly, easy-to-wear golf watch with bands that fit your wrist like a charming golf shot-tracking device.

I recommend this product because it is very easy to use and accurately locate each hole. You don’t require to manually locate each pin and hole in the settings of your golf watch, and it turns out to be a very excellent golf buddy indeed.

  • Front Back and Middle of Green Distance are fascinating options in this golf watch.
  • Simple to use and no more difficult to operate while playing golf
  • The price range is quite affordable for new golf players
  • 38000 Preloaded global courses.
  • Fifteen hours of GPS use with no fear of battery drain.
  • Free Bushnell Mobile app for users
  • The Bushnell is an exclusive golf watch and can not be used daily.
  • If you are playing 36 hole game tells only six layups or hazards.

Bushnell Ion Edge (For Only Golf)

Key Features:

  • 15 hours battery time
  • Moveable Pin Location
  • Green View
  • Maximum 6 Layups and Hazards
  • 35000 preloaded golf courses

In my personal opinion, the Bushnell ion edge GPS watch is perfect for playing relentlessly because the 35000 maps preloaded in the.

Buying Guide for GPS WATCH TO BUY

The golf watches have recently taken the place of rangefinders due to their ease of use and perfect help during the game. You can swing the club with a golf watch with a GPS mode turned on. It helps to point to the exact pinhole location available on your wrist. You can first locate the desired hole to put the ball on your golf watch, and with an accurate swing of the club, your chance of getting points is way more than without a GPS watch.

Screen Resolution

Golf is a game for some people and is a passion to many of them, and with the help of advanced clubs and golf, smartwatches are very convenient for everyday use. If you are a golfer and looking for recommendations for the best golf GPS watch to buy with our comprehensive research, the first thing you must consider is the screen resolution.

If the screen is wider and more significant enough to display all yardages, distance ball traveled, location of pins, location of holes, or how far is green enough must be in sight of yours. The GPS watches not only tremendously.

Battery Time

The battery time of every smartwatch is a vital aspect all users can glance at before purchasing it. The golf watches usually drain energy when you turn on the GPS. As usual, the GPS smartwatches work very efficiently without turning off for more than 8-10 hours.

Water Resistance

Your smartwatches may be affected if you swing the club on a cloudy day. Why not save your golf watch from raindrops? The water-resistance ones are more durable. This is another prominent feature to have while.

Manual Pin Setting

If your watch has some sort of manual pin settings, your advantage of getting the ball closer to the hole increases.

Green Course View

Every GPS watch nowadays has a worldwide course built-in, and you do have access to a complete fledge global top golf courses with no worry to play in some unknown field.


The functioning of a golf GPS watch resembles the other GPS devices. The GPS in your golf watch is connected with the satellite, and they can track every move, how far the hole is and where it is green. The golf devices are simpler to work as each one of the.

The advocates of rangefinders always question the accuracy of golf watches. The golf watches can predict the ball’s location, pin, holes, or green with a distance of 5 meters. Many new golf players inquire me about the accuracy of a golf GPS watch, and the research data shows that some golf watches are accurate of 50 meters.

This is one of the burning questions among golf fans about which one is better for GPS watch or range finders. In my personal opinion, golf GPS watches have more edger over the rangefinders. You don’t have to check for rangefinders to track how far your ball is traveled, and you don’t need an assistant to help get the exact location of pins and holes.

On the contrary, GPS watches tell each aspect of your golf journey and are very convenient. I think GPS watches are superior over the rangefinders’ four key reasons: accuracy, ease of use, maximum help in-game, and lightweight.

Some golf smartwatches are made exclusively for golf experiences, but a few of them can be used as smartwatches. You can use a GPS watch with both golf and other smartwatch features. If you are a fitness freak or love to track your gym experience, the golf GPS watches have a heart rate monitor, BMI tracking, step counter, and a calorie count.

Final Verdict

I have tried various GPS watches but included the eight best golf GPS watches the best buy, and the Garmin Approach S62 takes the first spot. If you plan to have a golf buddy at a glance away on your wrists, you need to consider various features, including maps, golf courses, and the watch’s durability.

Golf with rangefinders is not preferred nowadays, and GPS watches have replaced the old score memos and caddies. I have played with the rangefinders in my golf experience and have taken help from professional caddies. Still, the GPS watches are pretty much better than these in precession, shot tracking, finding greens, and many more. I rate following among the top golf GPS watches due to automatic score calculation, pin and hole location settings, shot distance traveling, and many more.

I ratted the Garmin S62 at the top position due to the features like battery time, GPS accuracy, bright display, easy to wear, preloaded maps, and locating the pins and holes.

Jake Paul