What Golf Ball Do Pros Use?

Golf is just more than a game: it is a technical sport that has captured the hearts of millions of fans. It isn’t the game of kids, as many experts have failed to succeed, even with years of practice and knowledge. But the factor which matters more than experience is the ball used in the game.

Does it sound stupid? It might be because a golf ball is the only piece of equipment used to play the shot. However, many people don’t know the fact that each golf ball has its own factors, such as dimples, core, cover, hardness, softness, and compression level. That’s why golf pros prefer special balls that are not designed for newbies.

In this article, we will explore what golf ball do the pros use and other related information you would love to know as a golf enthusiast.

What Golf Ball Do Pros Use? Breakdown of Top 10 Balls in the Bag of PGA ProsWhat Golf Ball Do Pros Use?

The golf ball pros use differs from the normal ball in terms of swing, speed, and distance. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 balls pro golfers on PGA tour use.

1.   Chrome Soft X (John Ram)

Who doesn’t know Jon Rahm? The 3rd ranked golf player uses Callaway Chrome Soft X to get his hands over victory. He signed a deal with the brand in 2021 and since then has been using it to dominate the game.

The Soft X version is slightly different from Callaway Chrome. For instance, instead of having a dual core, it contains two mantle layers installed between the core and cover. The inner layer is soft, and the outer layer is a bit firm, a combination to increase speed. With the built-in swing feature, it covers long distances in shorter rotation of the clock.

The X model works better than the Chrome Soft version. It’s because the ball offers high-level grass spin and control.

2.   Titleist Pro V1 (Viktor Hovland)

Victor is one of the most impressive golf players who used to manipulate the results with their skills. The 6th PGA-ranked player uses the Pro V1 model to gain outstanding victories. It is a top-performance ball manufactured to deliver an unbeatable combination of spin, speed, and swing. The soft outline and low compression cover reduce the spin to drive the ball longer.

Moreover, the Pro V1 version of Titleist has numerous dimples. It ensures the reduction of drag and increases the lift to cover high flights and long distances. With the easy-control feature, many golfers, including Viktor Hovland, handle their shots easily on green grass.

The ball offers less trajectory and low spin rates, making it a perfect option for players who like to play exceptional long shots. Its similar version Pro V1x is also available in the market, but the fact is that most pros in PGA Prefer V1 over V1x.

3.   TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver (Rory McIlroy)

According to the PGA, the top-ranked golfer in the world is Rory McIlroy. Followed by him, Sepp Straka is also on the list of the top 10.  But What golf ball do the pros use?

They all use TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver and have achieved top 10 rankings. The ball consists of 60 layers of carbon sheets. These sheets are efficiently arranged to provide speed and energy transfers.

The ball isn’t loved by many pros for only that reason. For one, the aerodynamic inertia property helps to increase ball swing. With the polythene cover, golfers can enhance their launch and spin techniques, no matter what the surface is.

Not only this, the ball contains a thru-slot speed pocket design. This flexible, turning torque design maximizes ball trajectory and spin, even on low-face strikes.

4.   Titleist TSR 3 (Cameron Smith)

Currently, Cameron Smith is the 4th ranked player in the PGA rankings. With years of experience, he uses Titleist TSR 3 to get his name written on the victory side.

Titleist TSR 3 is the third and last generation ball of the brand. It contains several improvements from the previous versions. The new technical advancement, Speed Ring VFT (Variable Face Technology) Face, increases the speed based on the force the shot is played.

Furthermore, the conical thickness of the core provides a balanced level of swing and spin. To enhance the overall strike area, the company has introduced the surface with a flatter trajectory. The SureFit CG track system helps to improve overall control by keeping the ball in a still position before the striking force of the golf club.

5.   TaylorMade TP 5 (Collin Morikawa)

Collin Morikawa is a world-class golfer who has been quite successful in his journey till now. The proof is his 9th ranking in PGA. He uses TaylorMade TP 5 and has remarkably achieved victories with it.

TaylorMade TP 5 is all about straight drives and spin drives. Its decent flight dimple pattern enables the ball to spin better on a grassy surface. The layer between the core and cover also follows the pattern to provide extra stopping power.

TP 5 is the softest surface ball of TaylorMade. The cover comprises cast urethane, providing extra swing and spin on the green side. At the same moment, the core stores the energy to launch and stop, resulting in accurate control and precision.

The ClearPath Alignment (Pix) technology lets golfers keep a spy eye on the ball. It is followed by the white and yellow pic graphics, allowing the ball to be seen easily.

6.   TaylorMade TP 5x (Dustin Johnson)

Players like Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Henrik Norlander, Harry Higgs, and Tommy Fleetwood have decent reputations as golf pros. Although they aren’t in the top 10, you can’t ignore their successful career. So what golf ball do pros use?

They all use an improved version of TP 5, that is TP 5x. The new model is also a superhit choice for many golfers. For one, its unique construction with 5 extra sturdy layers provides a simple bounce.

Moreover, the outer layer (cover) is ultra-thin, yet the innermost layer is quite thick. This combination provides softness and higher spin and bounce rates. These two balls are similar in the 322-dimple pattern designed to increase flight movement and speed.

In terms of swing, TP 5x is slightly different from the previous version. It follows a flight and launch behavior, enabling the ball to swing effectively between time intervals.

7.   Bridgestone Tour B X Ball (Bryson DeChambeau)

Bryson is also a famous golf pro who has made a reputation in fans’ minds. Therefore, his golf arsenal is also important. He uses Bridgestone Tour B X to dominate dozens of golf tournaments and games.

The ball contains an instant reactive cover that provides an immediate reflection in response to the force of the golf club. That’s why this ball is ideal for those who swing the ball very fast.

On the contrary, the shock-absorbing core provides a balanced combination of spin and control. From rough to soft, it provides impressive performance on all surfaces, thanks to its robust construction.

8.   Callaway Chrome Soft X LS (Xander Schauffele)

The American Olympics gold medal champion, Xander Schauffele, is dominant in the field with Callaway Chrome Soft X LS. The brand introduced the X LS version in 2021, and Xander quickly adapted it.

The Soft X LS version contains a dual mantle system between its core and cover to increase the ball speed. To give an unbeatable combination of swing and spin, the core surface is made from soft urethane.

Furthermore, the hardcover helps improve the golfer’s control and precision while generating instant stopping power. The slow spin characteristic is followed by increased dimple counts, contributing to high yet slow spin rates.

9.   Srixon Z-Star XV (Hideki Matsuyama)

The 20th-ranked player, Hideki, is among the most famous and master golf champions. The Srixon staff player put this ball into play just after its release.

Z-Star XV contains a 7th-generation design, including the new four-layer construction. The inner core is resilient and soft to provide speed and spin. Not only this, the new core pattern is comprised of deep dimples that help the ball to stand against the wind and give a lower flight.

Moreover, the outer coating of the ball is designed to give a soft feel, resulting in higher spin rates and a flatter trajectory. This ball is specially targeted to fast swing players; that’s why most aggressive players prefer it.

10.   Srixon Z-Star Diamond (Brooks Koepka)

Brooks Koepka is one of the most passionate golf players in the US. Currently, he is ranked 71st, so it’s better to research his gear. The US golfer used Srixon Z-Star Diamond to achieve the victories.

The Z-Star Diamond version is the robust third finger in the hand of Srixon. Its ultra-thick cover gives a hard feel and accurate precision. In terms of construction, the three-layer piece has a compression level of 102, giving a perfect mid-high flight.

Moreover, the new fast layer core is soft from the center and firm around the edges to provide the golfer with desirable speed and control. The three layers are robust and provide higher spin rates.

How Many Golf Balls Are Allowed in a PGA Tournament?

According to the rules of golf, a golf player can take only 14 golf clubs in their gear at a time. Is the rule remains the same for golf balls? Well, no. According to the rulebook of golf, golfers have no limit to carrying golf balls. It means they can put unlimited golf balls in their bag.

In PGA tours, players are bound by one-ball rules. The one-ball rule means that a golfer can play with only one ball in the whole round without the opportunity to exchange. It’s true that golfers can carry as many balls as they are willing to, but the key is to select the right ball for the right situation. For instance, if the pitch is grassy, golf pros use a ball that works perfectly in green conditions.

A general rule of thumb is to carry 9 balls on the whole tour. It will allow you to exchange torn or grimy balls with a new and fresh one. We hope your query: ‘how many golf balls are allowed in a PGA tournament‘ is clear in this section.

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Wrapping Up

Golf is a game of technique, skill, and accuracy. All these skills are important, but the most crucial factor is the type of golf ball used in the play. After all, each golf ball is different in terms of swing, spin, speed, control, trajectory, torque, and much more. We have briefly compared the top 10 balls and the names of the pros who use them.

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