How Long Does It Take to Golf 9 Holes? Time Matters the Most

In today’s busy age, it is really hard for people to make room to watch golf in their jam-packed schedule. If they are doing it somehow, they expect the quality play that’s worth their time and money. A slow play can only frustrate the crowd and give them the worst sighting experience.

Apart from crowds, it can also spoil other golfers’ moods and excitement to play on the course. It’s because these golfers aren’t just for sighting your game; they have to play their rounds as well. That’s why most sensible players prefer to play a round of 9-holes instead of 18-holes. It’s a great way to squeeze out time and enjoy your game without being too tired.

But how long does it take to play 9 holes of golf? In this article, we will explore how long does it takes to golf 9 holes and some factors that affect the playtime speed.

How Long Does It Take to Golf 9 Holes?

When you are playing alone, it can take 2 hours and 15 minutes to play an entire 9-hole round. However, it’s an average value that isn’t true every time. There are a number of factors that can greatly influence the time to play a 9-hole round. For instance, a pro would finish the game faster than a newbie or average golfer.

In the game of golf, time is a basic yet necessary aspect. As a golfer, it’s essential to play golf in a timely manner. If you are planning to play 9-holes, be quick. USGA (golf officials) hate the slow pace of play. That’s why they have introduced several rules to promote a fast pace. One particular demonstration is the 40-second rule in the golf lawbook. Under this rule, golfers have to stroke the ball in 40 seconds, and that’s enough for any novice player.

How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take for 2 Players?

The average time to golf 9 holes for a couple of buddies is around 2.5 to 3 hours. It’s the value when they are playing normal golf (not using a cart or any other). If they are using a cart or caddie, the number would be reduced by 30 minutes.

There is no accurate figure because various factors come into play regarding the pace of play. Some of these variables are in golfers’ control, and some are out of their hands.

How Long Does It Take to Play 9 Holes of Golf for 4 Players?

Numerous golf courses put people into a group because it’s a way to get more crowds and earn some extra revenue. For a group of 4 golfers, it takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to finish a 9-hole round. Wondering why a group takes more time to play than a solo?

It’s because each player has to wait for their group buddy to hit the shot. Afterward, the player’s turn will arrive. The wait can add a significant amount of time and make the pace steady.

How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf With a Cart?

A golf cart can drastically reduce the time to play a golf round. It is a small motor vehicle that golfers use to travel distances with less effort. With a golf cart, it would take around 1.5 to 2 hours to play the round. It’s the figure when the golfer is playing solely.

If two players are playing on the course, they will finish the round anytime between 2 to 2.5 hours. For a group of 4, it would take 2.5 to 3 hours to play the round.

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Factors That Impact the Round Time

There are a number of factors that can have a significant impact on the round time. Here are the most common ones:

Number of Golfers in the Groups

The number of golfers playing on the course can significantly impact the pace of play. A single golfer will likely take less time to play a 9-holes round than a couple or group of golfers. Here’s a chart indicating how long does it take to golf 9 holes considering the different number of golfers on the course:

Number of GolfersAvg Time to Play a 9 Holes round
12 hours and 15 minutes
22.5 to 3 hours
33 to 3.5 hours

Golfer’s Skill Level

An experienced golfer can play a round quicker than a novice golfer. For instance, if a pro is playing on the course, the game should be finished in under 2 hours.

That’s because a pro usually knows how to move the ball across the course quickly. He or she is familiar with the turnovers that may come in one’s game, while a newbie isn’t. Even time-extending influencers, such as finding the lost ball or busy course, isn’t a big problem for them.

Golf Course Obstacles

Bunkers and water pools on the course are a famous source of time delays. If the course has a hard, watery pitch and many bunkers, the ball can go into them. When the ball goes across damp land, you will feel a dropoff in the pace of play.

Other than water, bunkers are also there to eat the balls. If a golf ball travels into a deep bunker, you would have to go in to search for the ball. It can extend the time and slow the game pace.

Walking or Driving

A golf cart can trim off a lot of time from your overall play. You can use it to travel through holes quickly without giving your legs much effort.

Many people play golf just because it is a great way to exercise. The walk of 3 hours can help their legs to build strength. However, one downside to it is it takes time.

Ultimately, it depends on the purpose for which you are playing golf. If you want to burn your routine calories, use your legs. And if time is your concern, opt to drive a cart.

Busy Golf Course

Crowded golf courses can have a knock-on effect on the pace of play. Golfers often get confused in high crowds and slow their pace in an attempt to play accurately.

If you want to play a 9-hole round, don’t book the course on weekends, as others can also follow the same idea. Try to play on business days, when the course is less busy.

Size of Golf Course

One of the most critical factors that determine how long does it takes to golf 9 holes is the size of the course. Some golf courses have extra length, which can take longer to travel.

Besides distance, it also increases the chances of getting your ball lost. Searching for it over a vast course will waste a significant amount of time.


Terrible weather conditions can delay the play. For instance, bad lights or thundershowers can halt the game for 30 minutes. If the weather doesn’t get stable, it can be extended to one hour or more.

Stormy winds can resist the ball and cause it to roam here and there, especially if it’s lightweight. Moreover, heavy rainfall can build pools on the course, causing an increase in overall time to play a round. However, it will not stop your game.

How to Play 9 Hole Golf Quickly?

As mentioned earlier, a slow day isn’t something anyone loves. To build a strong reputation, you have to play as an aggressive and fast golfer. Here are some tips to increase your pace of play.

Be Smart When Booking the Course

Most golf courses are busy from 7 a.m. to the afternoon. And a busy and crowded course isn’t something a golfer wants. To avoid this, book the course on working days and two or three hours before the daylight wraps up.

Play Ready Golf

  • Playing ready golf means having a readymade mindset on the course. You must know what may come in your journey to 9-holes. Here’s how to play ready golf.
  • You have a maximum of three minutes to search for a lost ball. Trim off a minute and search for the ball for 2 minutes. If it’s lost, move on rather than waste your precious time.
  • Do practice swings before the actual shot. It will prepare you to hit your shot quickly and more accurately.
  • Don’t clutter your golf bag too much. A 9-hole round is a matter of two to three hours, so prepare your bag accordingly.
  • If you are playing in a group, help your partner search for the ball. It’s because once they are done with their shot, your turn will roll around.
  •  Keep moving continuously instead of talking to your friends at off-course locations.

Use a Cart

Many golfers know that using a cart can speed up their playtime. It’s because carrying a heavy golf bag full of equipment and food isn’t an easy task. But with a cart, you can travel through distances without much effort.

How Long of a Walk is 9 Holes of Golf?

In a 9-hole round, a golfer travels 3 to 6 miles on average. However, if the course is big, the golfer would travel around 7 miles. In terms of steps, an average 9-hole course is around 3250 yards. To convert in steps count, we use a conversion tool that gives us a calculation of 3900 steps.

Moreover, the number of calories you can burn in a 9-hole round ranges from 1500 to 2000. But if you are traveling on a cart, you would burn fewer calories than through walking.

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Wrapping Up

How long does it take to golf 9 holes? We have given you a clear insight into this question. There are numerous factors that can change the time of a 9-hole round. From weather to skills, all these have something to influence your pace of play.

It is not possible for every golfer to play a full round of 18 holes. However, you can play a round of 9 holes (the best alternative to 18 holes). It can save up a lot of time for you and your fans.

With the tips and techniques we have discussed above, you can drastically improve your pace. Once you have learned to play quickly, you can always progress towards playing 18 Holes of Golf transitioning from 9 holes to get a vast playing experience.

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