How Does A Golf GPS Watch Work-Perfect

With emerging technologies throughout the world, there are unlimited gadgets have been manufactured for the convenience of mankind. After the popularity of smartwatches, developers now introduced a new device for golf lovers called golf GPS watches. We will discuss everything about these advanced watches and help you learn how golf GPS watches work? Without wasting any moment, let’s take a look at all these perspectives one by one:

What Is GPS System?

GPS is a Global Navigation System that communicates with the satellite and helps you navigate throughout the world’s map. We all know that GPS systems are used for tracking purposes. The GPS detects your current location and enables you to navigate throughout the map like in your car. If you want to reach that destination and are unaware of how you will successfully reach it, you can get help from your GPS. It will tell you the distance and guide you to drive from the shortest distance towards your destination.

What is Golf GPS Watch?

A golf GPS watch is a gadget that helps golf players to navigate throughout the golf course. They are used for tracking and calculation purpose. The golfer can quickly get the remaining distance from the green line, track how far the shot has been kicked, and show the scoreboard. They mostly come in black and white displays. Different brands offer this service to the customers like the sky, shot scope, Samsung, TAG Heuer, Garmin, Bushnell, etc.

How Does A Golf GPS Watch Work?

GPS golf watches are basically working on getting signals from the satellite that help you locate your location within the golf course. They also help the golfer to find out the distance between you and your golf ball. Not only this, but it will also tell you about the hurdles that come your ball’s way. It will also show you the back, center, and front distances when you move around the course.

It will also help you show the distance from sand bunkers, water threats, slopes, and doglegs. The distances shown on your watch are based on the real-time distance that may not be accurate 100% but offers nearly 90 to 95 % correct results.


Many people ask about golf watch GPS how do they work. So, the working mechanism of a golf watch is given below:

  1. Many GPS satellites revolve around our earth, and your golf watch helps you send the signals to the satellites by pinning your location.
  2. These signals help your watch to connect with the GPS satellite.
  3. This will let the satellite locate you quickly on a golf course.
  4. After this, you watch and send the data back to the satellite after reaching the given hole.
  5. Now you have to tell your watch about which direction you will hit the ball.
  6. Tap on the location button, and this will calculate your selected direction and tell you about the distance between you and your destination.
  7. Like this, you can also use other features like looking at your scoreboard will give you information about your performance. 

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Spectacular Features Of Golf GPS Watch

If you are thinking about, do golf GPS watches work? So, there are various remarkable features of golf GPS watches that are discussed below:

Driving Distances

The primary purpose of getting these watches is to find accurate distance information digitally. You can get the all-around distances of a golf course through a single tap on your watch. Apart from this, it also helps you track your ball, and when you shot the ball, it will show how far your ball reached.

Digital Scorecard

It helps you from the hassle of manually calculating the score by writing on paper or using an app. With the help of this golf watch, you will be able to track and store the scores on your digital scorecard. You can save it and watch this history later to analyze the difference between your previous and current performance.

Give Accurate Results

The golf GPS watch gives accurate results of distance Measured, burn calories, daily steps you take, tracking your ball and everything it offers to you.


Pre-Loaded Golf Courses

You have to manually add the golf courses in your watch in the old golf watches by connecting it through your computer. The latest golf watches have more than  30k to 45k pre-loaded golf courses. When you connect your look with Wi-Fi, it will automatically update the list of golf courses.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

It has such a long battery life that it lasts up to your completion of all 18 holes and can also play multiple rounds. This will help you from the hassle of charging it after every round of the game. Most of the watches offer 10 to 18 hours of battery life.

Easy To Use

You can easily understand it’s operating mechanism without facing any hassle because it has a user-friendly interface.



The best feature is that these watches are also waterproof, which is best when sudden rainfalls and water drops splash on the watch screen. It is also best for the condition during hot days; you will get extra sweat while playing golf, and it wouldn’t be hazardous for your watch. 

Touch Screen

You can efficiently perform every action by simply tapping on your watch’s screen to make it easier for people. You can easily navigate through different functions of the screen.

Green Mapping

This feature will show you the green areas of the golf course. This will be very helpful when you are too far from the green area and want to check how much distance is left reaching your destination. Not only this, but it also gives you information about how long and deep the green area has been. This will also help you shot the ball to increase its chances to land in the green zone.

Track The Shot

This feature will help you to track your shots. For monitoring your specific shot’s distance, you have to tap on your watch. 

  1. Tap on the begin button.
  2. Then hit the ball.
  3. Now check on your watch how far your ball goes around the golf course.
  4. When you get the ball, press the end button on the watch.

This will calculate the distance of the start and endpoint; this will give you the accurate results of your club hitting on which position.

Used For Tracking Your Fitness

It is a GPS tracking gadget and helps you track your daily routine and fitness-related things. You can track your miles walked, steps were taken on a daily basis, and your burned calories details. This will help you to keep updated about your daily fitness routine.

Is The GPS Watches Legal To Use?

The GPS golf watches act like the rangefinder tools used in golf courses. These tools were only used in the non-competitive and practice round in the past. As the technology advances, the officials who manage the tournaments allow the GPS golf watches to be used in specific conditions during the tournaments. But today, it is the decision of the tournament host of your local golf club that they allow you to use these watches in the game or not.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Ans: Yes, these watches are worth it because they help you form many perspectives. They give you tremendous information that will help you increase your performance and maintain your progress on the golf course.

Ans: It depends on the situation and head of your golf tournaments that they allow you to use these watches during the tournament of not. Many local golf courses allow using the GPS golf watches in some specific situations only.

Ans: Although they didn’t give the 100% right results, they are working on the real-time mechanism and provide almost 90 to 95% correct information about everything.

Ans: Many professional golfers didn’t like using the GPS watches while playing the game because they think that you would play better without getting help from these kinds of gadgets.

Ans: Yes, if you are a regular golfer and want all the features provided by this gadget, you should surely consider getting it to improve your progress in the game.

Ans: No, there is no heart rate monitor offered by any GPS golf watch. You have some fitness tracking functions like your daily steps counting, calories burning, etc.

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So, this is all about how do golf GPS watches work? We have discussed every possible perspective related to them and tried to give you top-notch information. If you are a golf lover, then these watches would be beneficial for you to control many things in your daily routine. Also, stay connected with us to get more information and help guides like this.

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