Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review

Today, everybody has a GPS tracking device since it has become a vital possession of the era. The same goes for golfers who love to have a Value GPS golf watch during their golf sessions. However, there are so many GPS-tracking watches that people get confused. But don’t worry; reading a review before purchasing a product helps.

So, I am here to give you my Golf Buddy Aim W10 review. After reading my review, you will have sufficient knowledge about the watch and can make a wise decision.

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review

Aim W10 is one of the finest quality watch models presented by GolfBuddy. Let’s get started and explore how fantastic features it offers to its users.

High-End Packaging

Although it is a simple and small watch, the packaging is superb, making it like a high-end product. The first impression was pretty good on me as soon as I opened the box and got the watch out.

Simple Design

The watch has a simple design with splendid features in a single piece. So, for those who are fond of simplicity and don’t want any bells and whistles, it is the best option for them. Moreover, while you see the price tag, you can understand that it still offers much more within this price range.

Two Straps Option

While you use the watch during your golf session, it won’t irritate the back side of your hand. It is highly comfortable and soft to wear. Besides, it comes with two straps option, and you can choose the size that suits you better. You don’t need to set up your watch, as it comes ready to start right after you get it out of the box.

40k Preloaded Courses 

It comes with up to 40k preloaded golf courses around the world. So, start your golf session, and your watch will load the golf courses around your area. Additionally, starting your golf session doesn’t require a subscription fee. You can select the golf course that suits you from the multiple golf courses available on the watch.

Easy to Use

There is no rocket science to use this watch as the features are easy to understand and use. The basic features will start automatically as soon as you turn on your smartwatch. Moreover, it only requires a few clicks to start your golf. You will see the option “play golf” shown on display. Once you click on it, the watch begins to search the GPS signals.

Coloured Touch Screen

The Aim W10 features a colored and bright touch screen that is readable even in the sunlight without any difficulty. Moreover, you can select from the watch faces according to your desire. The display offers access to more data like hole overview, scorecard, green view, change hole, and hazard yardages. All that information helps during the game and improves the experience.

Battery Life

If you have used a rangefinder, you can understand its short battery life. You have to charge it daily, and it offers hardly a day to play golf. On the other hand, if I talk about Golf Buddy Aim W10, it features an excellent and pretty sufficient battery life to play golf. I could play three complete rounds with a single charge, but still, it had a little battery.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Like most other golf watches, the Aim W10, a GPS Golf Watch, also offers Bluetooth connectivity. So you can easily connect your Aim W10 with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This feature makes reading data on your smartwatch easier while your phone is away.

Fitness and Health Tracking

It is a versatile smartwatch you can use both on and off the course. Furthermore, it offers many other functions, such as daily activity tracking, smartphone notifications, and a heart rate monitor feature. I strongly recommend this unique watch to boost your golf session and improve the gaming experience.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Coloured touch screen
  • Up to 40k preloaded golf courses
  • Impressive packaging
  • Durable material
  • Sometimes the screen becomes unresponsive.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Aim W10 is a pretty good watch to use for golf courses. However, you can find more advanced options within this price tag. However, it offers the maximum possible accuracy but lacks features such as digital scorecards and stat tracking. So, if you want those features, go for some other model.

W11 has a more advanced touch response and screen resolution. You can read data more clearly on W11, even in dim and bright light, than on W10. Similarly, W11 offers a few more hours of battery life than W10.

According to GolfBuddy, it offers up to 13 hours of battery timing. But, after playing the two complete rounds of golf sessions, you will still have 50% of the charging left on your watch. So, it is sufficient and has good battery life for a golf watch.

YES, it has a touch screen with a pretty good resolution. However, comparatively, it shows low graphics than other golf watches within this price tag.


I have covered all the vital features in this Golf Buddy Aim W10 Review. It is a unique watch that can fulfill all your needs regarding golf sessions. Moreover, being comparatively affordable, anyone can have it even on a tight budget. You will get maximum accuracy and information all in one piece.

On the other hand, the design, functionality, and fantastic features are all up to the mark for a golfer. So, if you have anything on your mind, let me know in the comment section below. I will respond to you as soon as I am available. Enjoy your golf!

Jake Paul