Voice Caddie G2 Hybrid Golf GPS Watch Review

I am here to give you my Voice Caddie G2 Review in this post. It is another fantastic GPS golf watch Under 200 presented by Voice Caddie. As always, I used this smartwatch before giving my review. Moreover, like most other golf watches, it made me impressed too.

Voice Caddie maintained its popularity while making this watch model through upgraded technological features. It is durable, elegant, and full of great features wrapped in a single wearable. So, let’s go ahead and explore more about this device.

Voice Caddie G2 Review

I am pretty sure that while using this golf watch, you won’t need to switch to any other smartwatch to make your golf more helpful. The reason is that it offers you the entire primary and advanced features to fulfill your golf requirements. So, why do you go for another watch?


Although it doesn’t have a slim and sleek design, however, it looks stylish and elegant to wear. Overall, the style is simple, with a straightforward interface and display. Additionally, it shows you a detailed view of the green from the back, front, and center while keeping your score.

Waterproof Touchscreen

Voice Caddie G2 Waterproof Touchscreen

It is a waterproof smartwatch with a well-responsive touchscreen. So, don’t worry if you accidentally drop it into the water during a shot. Wear it while jogging, swimming, golfing, running, or cycling to enjoy the wonderful experience. Similarly, the touchscreen is easily readable even in bright daylight.

Preloaded Golf Courses

Voice Caddie G2 has more than 40k preloaded golf courses worldwide. So, while you start playing golf, it begins loading the golf course around your area and informs you. Moreover, it automatically tracks the slope calculation for convenience and takes your golf to the next level. You can download any latest golf courses on your golf watch.

Fitness Tracking

This smartwatch works as a fitness tracker as it has so many fitness tracking modes installed in it. It detects how many steps you walked and how many calories you burned. Some other intelligent features include an alarm, cycling mode, stopwatch, fashion, and sports.

User-Friendly Interface

All the features presented in this golf watch are user-friendly. Also, the watch interface is easy to understand, even for beginners. It offers some valuable features such as auto GPS and auto slope. It took a few minutes for me to understand the settings and all the options.

Versatility of Features

While using this golf watch, you will see how amazingly it fulfills all the requirements of its users. It suits the style of all those who don’t just need a smartwatch but are also full of technicalities wrapped in a device. So, enjoy the variety of features within an affordable price tag and make your life easier.

Distance Measurement

In your Voice Caddie, you will get many impressive functions that amaze you. It is not just a golf watch since it also has so many health and fitness features. To make your golf experience more helpful, it offers a distance measurement from different angles like the middle, front, and back. Moreover, it helps to adjust the slope during your golf session.

Automatic Score

The automatic score is one of the most impressive features I couldn’t find in any other golf watch. It keeps your score automatically, which helps you improve your mistakes. Besides, you can switch off the slope feature while in tournament mode. It offers automatic hole recognition during your golf session.

Golf History

The G2 allows you to store almost 200 rounds in the golf stat. Consequently, finishing your golf session will enable you to check and edit your shots and scores.

Long Battery Life

This smartwatch has a pretty long-lasting battery life. If you use it only for the normal mode, it continues for up to thirty days with a single charge. On the other hand, GPS mode offers battery timing for up to 8 hours. So, using a golf watch to complete three rounds efficiently is more than sufficient.


Voice Caddie G2 comes with a price tag of under $200. So, it is a good option for those with a low budget and still want to get a GPS golf watch full of fantastic features. I strongly suggest those try it if they are on a budget and need a good quality smartwatch.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Waterproof construction
  • Easy to use
  • More than 40k preloaded golf courses
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Big and heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

It is pretty simple to reset your Voice Caddie. All you need to do is to long press the function button for up to six seconds. So it will allow you to reset the functions.

Yes, it has waterproof material and doesn’t get damaged in the water. Feel free to continue your golf session if a bit of rain starts, as it works well even in water showers.

According to Voice Caddie, it lasts up to 1 month in normal mode. However, if you are using your golf watch in GPS mode, it lasts up to 8 hours.


So, I think after reading my Voice Caddie G2 review, you are well-familiar with this fantastic GPS golf watch. Not only does it make your golf experience helpful and entertaining, but also it offers excellent features for your daily activities. Moreover, in my opinion, it is one of the most must-have devices for your everyday wearable.

This hybrid GPS watch provides you with all you need as a golfer. So, what else do you want in a smartwatch? Make sure to get this product to take your golf experience to the next level and make your daily life easier. Feel free to ask anything about the product in the comment section below.

Jake Paul