How To Load Bushnell Golf Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch

GPS Golf Watch

A golf GPS watch is a popular gadget that incorporates GPS and is based on emerging technologies. These watches are used during golf matches and help to improve your game. It helps you keep track of distance on a golf course, which is useful in a variety of ways. There are a lot of different brands that sell these watches, and each one is trying to make the perfect product that meets all of the golfers’ needs.

Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch

Measuring distances around the course have never been easier before manufacturing the Excel Golf GPS Watch. You can obtain course updates without having to sync with a computer, and you can receive a call, messaging, and calendar notifications on your watch thanks to Bluetooth integration with your smartphone. Play three rounds before charging for longer battery life. Full-color optically mounted display with auto brightness adjustment on the front.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrate with the Bushnell Golf app
  • Full-color screen
  • Long battery life
  • Tournament legal

How to Load Bushnell Golf Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch

The loading operation must be initiated when the watch is fully charged after unboxing. Hold the lower right button down until something appears on the screen. This is the way it should be loaded. The rangefinder watch has a total of 5 buttons to operate, which may make it difficult to get started. So, for the first time, press and hold the lower-right button for 5 seconds, and the watch will display something.

Before doing that, ensure your watch is charged enough to run the drive. Prepare the watch by removing the front display and backside stickers. It has a long battery life to help you out, and you can even play three rounds in a row before having to charge it.

User Guide For Bushnell Golf Excel

  • After the inception, you’ll need to configure a lot to get a quick pro user experience. Optical mounted color display and auto-adjustable brightness are two notable features of this great watch.
  • It has over 35 000 courses preloaded and can cover up to four Hazard distances against each pole. Resistive to water and weather, swing tempo, and more. However, for a basic start-up, take your watch on a tour of your preferences to adapt.
  • Soon after turning on the watch, press the bottom-left button to set the time according to the GPS. The upper-right and lower-right buttons will scroll through the selections, and the right-middle press button will select your preference.
  • Setting up Bluetooth connectivity, activations, and reverse of various operations is done by pressing the upper-left button. You should disable the auto-off feature so that the watch does not turn off in the middle of a course.
  • This watch allows you to automatically detect your courses and perform two-parameter length computations in yards and meters. Combining the watch with an app allows you to connect to even more exciting features.
  • The watch’s feather-like weight is the final item on the list. Although you won’t be able to feel its existence in your arms, it will be doing its job with ease.

How To Charge Bushnell Excel Golf Watch?

There is a cradle-like charger device for charging the watch; the watch must be correctly set into it and secured at the lower-right button. The USB cord should then be connected to your computer or any charger.

Reasons Behind The Success Of the Bushnell Excel Golf Watch

 There are a number of noteworthy features that have recently made Excel an ace.

1.    Workaholic

It’s a GPS watch with a rangefinder that seems exciting. The watch’s toggling system is as simple as a 5-second press, and the battery life is guaranteed for 12 months. Each charge provides 14 hours of battery life, and recharging to full capacity takes about 3 hours.

2.    Integrated System

One of the highest-rated features is the ability to link to the Bushnell Golf app through Bluetooth. If you are about to miss an event while golfing, this will show you the forthcoming events.

3.    Store

Your scores are safe and secure when fully integrated with the linked device’s app. This adds to the watch’s uniqueness by allowing you to keep track of all your scores and courses at all times.

4.    Waterproof

The best feature is that these watches are also waterproof, which is best when sudden rainfalls and water drops splash on the watch screen. It is also best for the condition during hot days; you will get extra sweat while playing golf, and it wouldn’t be hazardous for your watch.

5.    Track The Shot

This feature will help you to track your shots. For monitoring your specific shot’s distance, you have to tap on your watch.

  1. Tap on the begin button.
  2. Then hit the ball.
  3. Now check on your watch how far your ball goes around the golf course.
  4. When you get the ball, press the end button on the watch.

This will calculate the distance of the start and endpoint; this will give you the accurate results of your club hitting on which position.

A Complete Review On Bushnell Excel Golf Watch

If you want to know everything about this app, you must read the review we will give you. It was only a matter of time before Bushnell entered the fray with a smarter-than-ever GPS watch. The golf GPS line has been entirely updated, just like their golf laser rangefinder line. The Excel is a replacement for the NEO XS, which is no longer available. But what sets Excel apart from the competition?

The Excel GPS watch is overflowing with capabilities that are all crammed into one device. For example, Bluetooth is an advanced function that allows a direct connection with your smartphone. You’re no longer restricted to using a computer to get updates and track your progress.

The Bluetooth capability allows you to receive all of your phone’s notifications while on the green. It may be handy for you, but it may be improper for others. Keeping in touch for emergencies, major events, and other similar things.

After Bluetooth, there’s the phone’s Swing Tempo feature. You will learn how to choose your club better, position yourself, and apply the proper amount of teeing power based on your swing numbers.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Ans: There is a cradle-like charger device for charging the watch; the watch must be correctly set into it and secured at the lower-right button. The USB cord should then be connected to your computer or any charger.

Ans: You can get the Bushnell charger by going physically to the nearest brand store or online from the brand’s website. It will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere all over the world.

Ans:  The working mechanism of a golf watch is given below:

  1. Many GPS satellites revolve around our earth, and your golf watch helps you send the signals to the satellites by pinning your location.
  2. These signals help your watch to connect with the GPS satellite.
  3. This will let the satellite locate you quickly on a golf course.
  4. After this, you watch and send the data back to the satellite after reaching the given hole.
  5. You have to tell your watch about which direction you will hit the ball.
  6. Tap on the location button, and this will calculate your selected direction and tell you about the distance between you and your destination.
  7. Like this, you can also use other features like looking at your scoreboard will give you information about your performance. 

Ans:  Bushnell’s website claims that more than 33,000 worldwide courses are available on the NEO XS.

Ans: When you’re in an instant, the most inconvenient experience is when the watch doesn’t locate the correct course. Using the Bushnell Golf GPS app on your smartphone, you can quickly locate and download the correct course. Use Bluetooth to send it to your watch instantaneously.

Ans: The Excel has a long battery life of 14 hours of play. It takes less than three hours to come to a full charge. However, the Bushnell Neo Ion has a 16-hour battery life and only takes 2.5 hours to charge. The extra features in Excel do require more power versus the Neo Ion. 

Ans: There are five function buttons on the watch. On the left side are two buttons, with the top left taking you to the Golf Menu and the bottom left takes you to the Menu. The top right button is Up, the middle right is Select, and the bottom right is the Down and Power button. Press and hold down the Down button for five seconds to power on and off.


This is all about the Bushnell excel golf GPS rangefinder. With the help of a cool, lightweight GPS watch, your golf time will be more flexible, and the Bushnell is now bursting the level. The range declaration is quite effective, and it is also tournament legal. It is worth purchasing this amazing watch to make your game more effective.

Jake Paul