How does Garmin GPS Golf Watch Work

Garmin GPS golf watch offers the most accurate information about distances. Moreover, it is one of the best GPS golf watches that make your gameplay more exciting while delivering so many amazing features. It has more than 30K pre-installed golf courses around the world with every detail. So, it is worth buying a Garmin GPS watch to boost your game performance.

However, most people, especially beginners don’t know how does Garmin’s GPS watch works. Therefore, for their knowledge, in this article, we shall cover all the features and specifications to make them understand the mechanism.

There are lots of different models of Garmin GPS watches available in the market. Also, it is one of the top companies making GPS watches with a range of price tags. You can get one of the models according to your budget and required features. For example, if you want an entry-level golf watch, you can go for Approach S12. Or, there is an option that is full of excellent and fantastic features such as Garmin Approach S62.

How Does Garmin GPS Golf Watch Work?

Firstly, you need to activate the essential permissions for your location on your smartphone. Once done, you can start walking, playing golf, or riding a bike to use the amazing GPS technology. On the other hand, while you are using Connected GPS, make sure to fulfill some required necessities such as:

  • You need to keep the Garmin Connect app open. However, it doesn’t matter if your phone’s screen turns off.
  • Keep the Bluetooth switch on both your watch and your smartphone.
  • Make sure to keep the GPS of your smartphone turned on.
  • During the activity, keep your phone with you.
  • Remember that the feature won’t work indoors. So, make sure to remain outdoors to get the feature working for you.

Functions of Garmin GPS Golf Watch

Garmin golf watch offers so many features for your gameplay. As you know already that all GPS watches work while receiving satellite signals through GPS, it also works likewise. GPS can detect your location anytime and anywhere. Your Garmin watch has the same GPS as you have in your car.

Continuous Activity Tracking

Particular Garmin watches offer continuous activity tracking such as your sleep timing, your steps, and much more. Similarly, while using these Garmin watches, you can keep in touch with your daily fitness.

Distance Measurement

If you want to know your distance from the green, your Garmin golf watch will let you know that by measuring the distance. Moreover, this information will be the most accurate if there are no obstacles in the way. So, keep your watch attached to your wrist or fasten it to your cart.

Basic Information

You can have all the basic golf course information cheers to the Garmin. It provides you with so many amazing options such as a clear view of the front, back & middle of the golf course. Moreover, you will get a bright view on the screen to understand the scene. Garmin fulfills all the basic needs regarding golf gameplay and boosts your performance.

Garmin Golf App

It is a free app that you can get through the Google Play Store on any compatible phone. Moreover, with this app, you can connect with other golfers to play with them. Similarly, this app offers you to examine your earlier rounds & see your performance stats.

Green Mapping

The Garmin watches have a green map that shows you a crystal clear view of any golf course around the world. So, you can see and select your neighboring golf course to enjoy the gameplay. Moreover, these maps also show the yardage, water exposures, obstacles, and many more features right on your smartwatch.

Turn On or Off Activity Tracking

Keep in mind that all Garmin golf watches don’t feature an option of switching off Activity Tracking. So, if you want to have this option, you need to activate it. To switch on or off Activity Tracking with Garmin Connect, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, click on the Garmin Connect app to open it.
  • Click on the menu.
  • For Android, see on the top left to open the Garmin Connect app menu.
  • For iOS, you can find the option of ‘Select More’ at the bottom right.
  • Choose your Garmin watch.
  • Click on ‘Activity Tracking
  • Select the Activity Tracking off or on.
  • Now, sync the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will allow you to receive & make a call on your smartphone. While you receive a call on your paired smartphone, you can see the number or name on your watch. If you don’t want to use a cellular network or Wi-Fi, you need a SIM card in your smartwatch for connectivity.

Once you download the ‘Garmin Connect app’ on your watch, it will show you the five neighboring golf through the GPS of your watch.

Garmin golf GPS watches are the most accurate. However, occasionally, they can show more or fewer errors about yardages. If you want to get a golf watch with minimum errors, we suggest going for Garmin Approach S10. It is one of the maximum accurate and reasonably priced watches.

To use the Garmin golf watch, firstly, install the Garmin Connect Mobile app and open it. Now, your device will turn on and it will require you to choose a language. After that, you need to pair your device with your phone. It will detect your location on the golf course and will show you the front, back, and center distances also.

  • You need to have Garmin Connect app to see all golf courses around the world on the Garmin GPS watch.
  • If you are an Android user, click on the upper left corner to access the menu.
  • Click on ‘Download Golf Courses’               
  • You can also search for a particular golf course by its entering its name. 
  • Firstly, detach the Garmin device from the wristband.
  • Remove the four screws located on the front part with a small screwdriver.
  • Now, take out the cover & batteries.
  • Install the new pair of batteries and make sure the negative side should face the inner side of the front cover.
  • Confirm that the seal isn’t broken and is positioned well in the back case.
  • The seal flaps should line up with the right slashes inside the battery pack.
  • Now, attach the front cover with four screws.
  • Attach your device to the wristband.        
  • Make sure to line up the mark on the device and the mark inside the wristband.

Follow these steps to reload golf courses on your Garmin S2 GPS watch:

  • Firstly, connect your device to a charging source.
  • Now, connect the USB charging end to the USB port of your PC.
  • Turn on the Course View Updater. 
  • Lastly, just read the on-screen guidelines and follow them.


So, in this article, you found the answer to your question, how does the Garmin golf GPS watch work? We hope that you will find all this information helpful. Still, if there is something else you want to know, feel free to leave us a note in the comment section below. We are always ready to respond to you as soon as possible.

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