Garmin Venu 2S Review

Good health is the key to a better life. Most people love to check their health and fitness, which is an excellent way to lead a balanced life. However, to keep monitoring your health and wellness, you need a GPS smartwatch to do this vital task. So, here I am to give you the Garmin Venu 2S review. It is one of the most fantastic fitness and running watches available, and you can trust its features.

I always use the product before giving a review on it. So, I used this fitness watch for a month to tell you about it. It is my tried-and-tested review, and you can take it as an honest review. So, without wasting time, let’s get to the point and look at its features and functions to explore more about the watch.

The Garmin Venu 2S Review

Garmin Venu 2S

Garmin always launches excellent wearables for their customers, keeping their requirements in mind. As always, it released the Garmin series, in which all three watch models have the most incredible features. However, today I will discuss the Venu 2S in detail.

First Impression

Garmin Venu 2S First Impression

Like most other watches, it also has a beautiful and elegant design. It will leave a pretty good impression as you take your fitness watch out of the box. Moreover, the durable construction with Gorilla Glass 3, soft silicone straps, and the stainless steel bezel covering make it more appealing.

Smaller Size

Garmin Venu 2S Smaller size

Being smaller in size, it is suitable for people with smaller wrists. However, despite being smaller, it offers all the features you need in a fitness watch. The touch screen is easily readable even in bright daylight without making you squeeze your eyes. So, the apps, settings, and all the functions are easy to see on the small screen. Also, the touch is pretty well-responsive and quick.

Health and Fitness Tracking

The Venu 2S GPS fitness watch allows you to monitor what’s going on in your body. Track more health stats, and get a closer look at what’s going on inside your body. You will get 25 plus sports apps preloaded in the watch you can use to work out at home. These animated workouts allow you to get access to a variety of exercises right on your wrist.

Extended Battery Life

It comes with a pretty extended battery life. You can use your watch for up to ten days of playtime in smartwatch mode and up to nineteen hours while on GPS mode. Moreover, you can charge it within ten minutes and use it so many days with a single charge.

Music Storage

 You can store your favorite music on the watch and enjoy it while your phone is away. Besides, it allows you to download multiple songs and make your playlists from Deezer, Amazon, and Spotify. Connect your headphones to your smartwatch to enjoy a wireless music experience.

Available in Different Colors

You can select your favorite color out of different available colors. So, go for a color that suits your desire and requirement. My favorite color is black, and I used that color as it suits my style and preference.

Energy Monitoring

It comes with another impressive feature called your body energy monitoring. So, it allows you to check your body’s energy level and then decide whether you should do any physical activity or not. Consequently, you can choose the ideal time for a workout or take rest also.

Oxygen Level Monitoring

Try its Pulse Ox Sensor feature to monitor the oxygen level in your blood. It allows you to check it anytime during the day to monitor how your body works and absorbs oxygen. So, keep yourself updated about your physical health with the help of your fitness watch.

Stress Monitoring

With Garmin Venu S2, you can monitor your stress level as well. It shows you how your day was, whether it was stressful, balanced, or calm. Additionally, it offers the prompts of relaxation reminders to suggest you do breathing activities while it detects your high-stress level.

Women Health Monitoring

Women can monitor their pregnancy and menstrual cycle through the Garmin Connect app. Moreover, it allows you to get nutrition instructions, workout suggestions, and many more. You can do all these using the women’s health app presented by your Venu S2.

Hydration Monitoring

It comes with hydration monitoring features that let you record your water intake limit. So, once you log the fluid intake limit, it will remind you to remain hydrated and keep your fitness level upgraded. Also, it adjusts your hydration level based on the sweat you release during your workouts.

Breathe Monitoring

Breathe monitoring feature allows you to check your respiration throughout the day time. It monitors your breathing during yoga, sleep, and all the breathing activities.

Sleep Monitoring

This feature detects the quality of your sleep and suggests how you can improve it. So, you can keep an eye on how many hours you slept and how well you slept.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Garmin Venu 2S keeps tracking your heart rate and alerts you in case of a misbalance in your heart rate. It is an essential feature that should be on a fitness watch. So, this smartwatch has this vital feature to keep you alert about your heart rate during physical activities and even swimming.

Smart Notifications

You can connect your smartwatch to your smartphone through Bluetooth and get smart notifications on your watch. Consequently, leaving your phone at home is feasible when you want to go on a run or walk. It will get you all the essential texts, calls, and other notifications on your wrist.

Water Resistance Rating

It comes with a waterproof and solid material. You don’t need to worry if it accidentally falls, as it won’t get damaged or broken. Still, it is wise to take good care of your gadgets as they are not cheap at all. It is water-rated for up to 5ATM. Consequently, you can take it in the shower, continue your walk in light rain, and swim without taking it off.


Venu 2 and Venu 2S, presented by Garmin, are almost identical. So, their price and all the similar features are also the same. However, Venu 2 has slightly more extended battery timing as compared to 2S. Both fitness watches are available at the same price, i.e., £349.99. So, you can see how many amazing features this watch offers to its users. I strongly recommend you try this product to make your life easier.

  • Excellent on-screen graphics
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Water-resistant to 5ATM
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Comparatively smaller display

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is one of the finest quality watches available. It offers a long battery life, fast GPS tracking, easy-to-operate functions, and durable construction. Similarly, it comes with all those vital features you want in a smartwatch.

Both smartwatches are identical and fantastic in terms of basic and advanced features. However, they differ in size as both don’t come with similar dimensions. The Venu 2 is perfect for large-size wrists, and the 2S is suitable for smaller ones.

It has a smaller display than other smartwatches, as the screen size measures 1.10 inches. However, it’s not so small that you need to squeeze your eyes to see the settings. Getting all the information precisely with this small screen doesn’t matter.

The Venu 2 is a waterproof GPS fitness watch with a water resistance of up to 5ATM. You don’t need to take it off in the rain, in the shower, or if you want to swim.

Yes, it features a well-responsive touchscreen with two side buttons. The upper button works to start/pause the apps & activities and the sports tracking. It would help if you held the upper button to create settings. However, the lower button is used to go back and access the menu.

You need to connect your headphones to enjoy music right on your watch. It supports Amazon, Deezer, and Spotify music. So, listen to your favorite music while doing workouts.


I hope the Garmin Venu S2 review gives you a clear perception of the product. I think it has the most incredible features you can imagine from a smartwatch. Moreover, the variety of tasks you can do using this fitness watch is fantastic. I suggest you try this product to make your life easier and more convenient. You are going to love your GPS-tracking fitness watch.

I tried to give all the vital details in my review. Still, if you have any queries, you can ask me anytime in the comment section below.

Jake Paul