Garmin Approach S62 Review

People who love playing golf also love to have an excellent and beautiful golf watch to track their activities. Moreover, it is best to invest money in a good quality golf watch since it offers to track golf courses and so many other features. But the main thing is to find a suitable model of a golf watch out of so many options available on the market.

So many golf watch models are presented on the market, including different price tags. It might not be obvious to decide from them. Honestly, it’s worth becomes pointless if your golf watch doesn’t give you complete, accurate information. Therefore, you need to be careful while deciding on a golf watch.

So, for your convenience, we are giving you Garmin Approach S62 review. After reading this review, we hope that you will be able to know much about the watch. Let’s get to the point, look at our review, and learn more about it without wasting time.

                          Garmin Approach S62 Review

Garmin Approach S62 is one of the super-quality GPS smartwatches used for golf. Moreover, it is popular among most professional golfers. It comes after the Garmin Approach S60 while loaded with many unique and latest features wrapped in a single piece. Both beginners and professionals can use it as it comes with easy-to-control functions. Now, let’s dive into its features to explore the watch.

Long Battery Life

Garmin Approach S62 has long battery life, up to 20 hours in GPS mode. So, if you play golf in a remote area, you don’t need to worry about battery loss. It will continue displaying its features and other tracking functions without a pause. So, enjoy and improve your game for hours with the long-lasting battery life and make your day entertaining.

Colour Touch Screen

The watch has a wide, color touch screen with a dimension of 1.3 inches. This bright display shows various features even in the dark. Additionally, the screen is fingerprint resistant, so you don’t need to narrow your eyes to look at the features on a sunny day. The latest version shows the golf course from different angles, such as middle, front & back. Also, it loads the golf course as soon as you reach the greens.

Color touch screen——— 1.3-inch——— Bright Display Shows

Golf Course Tracking

You can find more than 42k golf courses displayed on your smartwatch. Once you turn on its golf course tracking mode, it shows you thousands of golf courses around your area. Besides, this smart GPS watch gets a large amount of data with maximum accuracy. So, what else do you want in a GPS golf watch while Garmin Approach S62 offers you all that you need?

Fast Shipping Delivery

You can order the watch online since it is available directly from the company. It comes with a fast-shipping delivery, and you can have it at your door within one to two days. Moreover, the brand is famous for producing excellent quality GPS gadgets worldwide. So, the watch is a plus point: you will get it soon and don’t have to wait many days.

High Price Tag  

The Garmin S62 has a high price tag compared to other models. However, typically, the price comes down when the latest model launches in the market. Hopefully, you can expect the price to drop when the annual sales arise. So, we suggest buying it during Cyber Monday and Black Friday since you can get it at an affordable price.

Similarly, try finding this smart golf watch during the off-season, such as when the weather isn’t golf friendly. If you want to save money and aren’t in a rush to buy it, then make sure to get it at an affordable price.

Super Comfortable

Since the watch weighs only 2.2 ounces, it feels comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions. Also, the buttons on the watch’s side don’t bother the back of your hand while you swing your shot Overview. This watch has a sporty and luxurious look that enhances your style and appearance. The body is durable and classy also.

shot Overview
Shot Overview

Scratch Resistant

The excellent quality large display is scratch-resistant. So, if by any chance you drop your watch accidentally, it won’t get scratched or damaged at all. As a golfer, enjoy playing your game with all you need to improve your game. From selecting the club to tracking the golf course, it offers you everything you need.

Apart from that, other features include text and email notifications, fitness tracking, and much more.

The Virtual Caddie

Another vital feature included in the Garmin S62 is the virtual caddie. The built-in Virtual Caddie picks up data from your earlier swings and guides you about which club you should play. Therefore, this feature benefits beginners since it suggests the ideal strokes to hit and target. You will discover that Virtual Caddie is the best addition to the watch to boost your game.

which club
which club

Interchangeable Silicone Bands

‍Similar to S60, you can download the custom faces and get interchangeable bands in Garmin S62. It enhances its style and functionality. These bands are super comfortable, flexible, and durable. Moreover, these bands are different from ordinary bands because they are high quality. They have a luxurious and pretty look. You can select from either white or black color. So, go for the option according to your preference and need.

PinPointer Compass

The smartwatch includes a pinpointer compass that gives accurate directional support while confronting a blind shot. It guides you to where you should make strike in the deep greens. Additionally, the green view displayed on the screen allows you to see the exact shape of the green. Consequently, you become more confident to set your flag while identifying the exact distance of the pin.

pinpointer compass
Pinpointer Compass

Action Button

There are three buttons located on the side of the watch. One of these buttons is more prominent with a red bezel that looks nice and contrasts with the black. It is the action button, so you must press it to start your game. Two more buttons offer the options of various settings in the watch. The second button has setting options; if you want to go back, you need to use the third button.

These are the features and functions that Garmin Approach S62 offers to its users. Must try this unique watch to boost your game and enjoy playing golf for hours without worrying about battery loss. You won’t be disappointed by its functionality because it is loaded with wonderful features.

  • Long battery life with
  • 14 days of standby
  • Automatic tracking
  • Bright and coloured touch screen
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions  

Yes, Garmin Approach S62 is one of the best golf watches around the world. It is an upgraded and great-performance watch that offers everything you need to track, i.e., from club selection to shot tracking. Also, it provides an improved and long-lasting battery life.

Except for a golf watch, Garmin S62 is an excellent gadget for your fitness tracking. Moreover, it offers a pulse oxygen sensor, heart ratio monitor, steps counter, sleep sensor, and much more. Honestly, this watch is loaded with great features in a single piece.

Garmin S62 offers many unique features such as a step counter, heart rate ratio, Pulse Oxygen level, and much more. On the other hand, while using this watch, you get more features like Smart Notification, Garmin Pay, and Spot Tracking. Additionally, you can use it while swimming, running, and cycling.

As the Garmin S62 golf watch is waterproof, you can use it while swimming without fear of damaging it. Moreover, it is a watch that suits your indoor and outdoor activities best. It records your swims and tells you all the data with maximum accuracy.

Yes, it has a music control feature, and you can connect your smartphone’s smartwatch through a Bluetooth connection. So, after connecting your favorite music being played on your smartphone, you can easily control it on your watch.


We hope you loved our Garmin Approach S62 review. So, after reading this article, you must know all the features it offers exceptionally well. It will give you superb features and looks great while you wear it and get applause from people around you.

We strongly recommend this watch for those who love playing golf and want to have an excellent quality smartwatch. It is loaded with beautiful features wrapped in a single gadget.

We tried to cover all the benefits and features included in the watch, but if you have any queries, ask us in the comment section below.

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