Garmin Approach S42 review

People, who love playing golf as their pastime, are also fond of a stylish and full of fantastic features golf watch. Honestly, it is a must-have gadget to boost the game experience and improve the mistakes they commit. However, they don’t know which golf smart watch will suit their needs and budget. Don’t worry; read our review about a good-looking watch right here.

The Garmin S42 is a stylish golf GPS watch that most golfers love to wear during long golf sessions. However, most people don’t know what features it exactly offers to its users. So, we are here to give a detailed Garmin Approach S42 review for their convenience. If you are one of those who searched online to know about S42, you are at the right place. Read the complete review to explore the product thoroughly.

Our Garmin Approach S42 Review

Being one of the finest quality GPS golf watches, it offers the most powerful and marvellous features on your wrist. Let’s get started with the review without wasting time.

Impressive Packaging 

First, when the watch came, we were impressed by the packaging. It was amazingly packed in a box, including some other items also. So, it left a good and excellent first impression on us. Indeed, those products with impressive packaging get over the top because of their catchy appearance. Apart from the watch, other items, such as a charging cable and a guidebook, were set up.

Colored Touch Screen

The watch has a wide, bright, colored touch screen that shows suitable pixels even on a full sunny day. Moreover, the easy-to-read information makes it convenient while play golf in the sunlight. The Garmin S42 is an elegant and good-looking watch that suits perfectly for golf and daily usage.

Reasonable Price

The S42 has a medium-level price tag that is comparatively more reasonable than other costly golf watches launched by Garmin. It is available at the price of $ 299, which suits those golfers who are addicted to having smart watches loaded with unique features. Also, it is worth your money while giving you all you need to take your golf experience to the next level.

Extended Battery Life

It offers pretty good battery life such as fifteen hours of playtime while on GPS mode and ten days of battery while on smartwatch mode. Honestly, most gadgets drain the battery fast while in use. However, Garmin S42 solves this issue, and you can play golf for the whole day, even with a single charge.

Preloaded Golf Courses

While using the Garmin Approach S42, you will get more than 42k preloaded golf courses on your watch. Furthermore, it offers maximum accurate data while tracking the golf courses around you. Garmin is a trustworthy brand that provides accurate GPS technology while tracking the needed information.

Fitness and Health Tracking

“Being a unique and fantastic smartwatch, the updated Garmin Golf Watch also offers fitness and health tracking. Now you can get alerts about the steps you took the whole day. It will count your steps and update your fitness, on or off the course. Additionally, it counts the shots you play during the game and updates you accordingly.”

Replaceable Rubber Straps

 It comes with two different sizes of bands that are easily and quickly interchangeable. So, you can select the band according to your wrist size. You can choose from medium or small band sizes that suit you. Also, there are color options, such as white/silver or light/gold. You can also go for a larger size available in gunmetal/black only. The bands are easy to wear and don’t irritate your wrist.

Comfortable to Wear

The watch comes with comfortable and soft rubber bands that you can interchange whenever you want. These bands are adjustable according to your wrist size and feel easy on the back of your hand. You won’t feel irritated because of the wristband while swinging your shot. So, feel easy to play your long golf sessions and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Garmin Golf App

Indeed, it’s OK to use S42 without a golf app. However, if you want to enjoy particular, more upgraded features, you need to pair your smartwatch with the Garmin golf app. It shows the distance of the greens and all the hazards on every hole to keep you updated during the game. All these features make the watch an incredible choice among other watch models. So, we suggest getting this watch if you want your first GPS golf watch.

Waterproof Material

It is a waterproof GPS golf watch such as rated to 5 m. Therefore, it’s not a big deal if you fall into the water accidentally. Moreover, feel free to continue golf if it rains suddenly, as it won’t get damaged in the water. Because of its waterproof material, you can go swimming without taking off your watch.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your golf smartwatch with your smart devices through Bluetooth. It is well-matched with both Android & iOS. Consequently, you can get all the smart notifications on your watches, such as calls, emails, texts, weather updates, and other alerts. You don’t need to reach your smart phone to receive a call or other notifications. No worries if your phone is away while your S42 golf watch is with you.

Green View Feature

Like most other GPS golf watches, S42 offers a green view and all other unique features. It allows the user to do manual pin positioning and shows the green view from different angles. For example, you can see the golf course from the middle, back, and front angles to identify where to swing your shot. Furthermore, it makes it easy to see all the doglegs and hazards among every hole to make your golf sessions more convenient.

Automatic Uploading

Connecting your Garmin Approach S42 with the Garmin app allows you to upload your scorecard automatically. Moreover, it records your live scoring so you can review your performance and make improvements afterward. On the other hand, S42 is well-matched with many other products presented by Garmin Approach. For example, it is compatible with the laser range finder Z82 from Garmin Approach. Consequently, you can easily download the data through the app. 

  • Colored touch screen
  • Lightweight material
  • Replaceable rubber bands
  • Waterproof display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compatible with other Garmin products
  • Doesn’t have heart rate monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Garmin S42 is another of the most delicate golf GPS watch available on the market. You will be amazed to see the beautiful features that it offers to its users. Also, the price tag is affordable to those who don’t want to compromise on quality and style. So, you can trust the quality and features of the product without any doubt.

There is no specific difference between S40 and S42. Both are the best GPS golf watches offering the most beautiful features overall. Similarly, both models have colored touch screens and water-resistant displays.

Garmin S42 is water-resistant up to 50 m. You don’t need to worry if you want to continue your golf in light rain as it won’t get damaged at all. Also, you don’t need to take off your watch even in the shower.

No, Garmin S42 doesn’t have a built-in heart rate monitor. So, you can go for another Garmin golf watch model, such as S62, if you want this feature in your smart watch.

Of course, Garmin S42 has 1.2 inches colored touch screen. It shows pretty amazing and clear graphics even in the daylight. So you can see the updates on the screen without narrowing your eyes.

The Garmin S42 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It offers up to 15 hours of playtime while on GPS mode. So, you can easily play at least 3 complete rounds with a single charge.


Garmin has been a famous brand for making high-quality GPS golf watches for years. So, S42 is one of them with so many fantastic features in a single piece. After reading our Garmin Approach S42 review, we hope you will agree with what we are saying about the product. Therefore, if you plan to buy a Garmin golf watch, you can trust the S42 and make your golf experience more entertaining.

Honestly, you will boost your game and improve your deficiencies with this fantastic watch. We covered every feature in our review. Still, if you have something more to ask about the product, feel free to drop your query in the comment sections below. 

Jake Paul