Garmin Approach S20 GPS Watch Review

A golf watch is something that can double up your game experience. Therefore, nowadays, every golfer wants to have one while playing golf. Today, we will give you the Garmin Approach S20 review that will let you learn all about the watch.

So, let’s get started finding out the most impressive features it offers its users. Make sure to read the review till the end before deciding whether this watch model suits your needs and budget or not.

Garmin Approach S20 Review

The Garmin S20 is the successor of the S2 that connects with Bluetooth to give you all you need. Let’s start exploring its features one by one and find out what it offers besides a golf watch. Also, it is considered one of the best golf watches for beginners.


Garmin S20 will suit the best to those who don’t want any bells and whistles of wearable gadgets. Unlike most other fashionable watches, it has a simple and up-to-date design. Moreover, it doesn’t have an attraction to those who love to wear attractive designs when it comes to watches. Let’s say it works more for its functionality than for its appearance.

Most Affordable

Comparatively, S20 is more economical than other golf watches available on the market. Honestly, expensive golf watches offer so many unique features and unique and elegant designs. However, it is the best option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your golf watch and still need fantastic features.


Being extremely lightweight Garmin S20 doesn’t hurt on the back side of your hand. Besides, you won’t get irritated by its adjustable silicone band while swinging your shot. It weighs only 1.5 ounces, and you will feel like you are not wearing anything on your wrist. So, it feels easy to swing your shot as it won’t get into the way of your swing. Also, it doesn’t irritate the wrist because of its light feel and weight.

Wide Screen

The black and white screen is also straightforward and old-fashioned. Similarly, it is not a touch screen; you need to control the functions with your hand. You must practice operating its functions with a single button if you are a beginner. However, the screen can read data in bright sunlight without squeezing your eyes.

Preloaded Golf Courses

With this Garmin S20, you get more than 40k preloaded golf courses worldwide. So, when you want to play golf, your watch will track the golf courses around your area, and you can select any of them. Furthermore, it shows greens from all angles, like center, back, and front. As soon as you start playing, it starts tracking the available golf courses for your convenience.

Garmin Golf App

For beginners, the Garmin golf app is beneficial because it offers a more upgraded interpretation of holes’ design on the greens. So, you don’t need to mark the hazard location because the app will help you watch the hazards on the map.

AutoShot Technology

It also features Garmin AutoShot technology that works with the movement of your wrist. This technology allows you to trigger a shot and track its distance. Once you swing your first shot, it starts to record your location. So, move toward your ball to make your second shot tracks the distance between the two shots.

Garmin Golf Community

It is an online community for golfers to connect for playing, sharing & comparing. Also, you can download the round you played and then compare it with your previous round to improve your deficiencies. Apart from that, the Garmin golf community collects your best rounds and scores for every hole.

Fitness Tracking

The Garmin Approach S20 features a fitness and health tracking system. It offers fantastic health features such as a heart rate monitor, odometer, date, and time. So, all these features make it one of the most valuable and fantastic health wearables. Most people like to wear a smartwatch to track their fitness and health. So, this watch is going to be the best item for them.


S20 is a water-resistant watch since it is 5 ATM rated. Consequently, you can say that it is submersible in around 50 meters of water. That means no worries about removing your golf watch while taking a shower or going to swim with your watch on your wrist.

Sleep Tracking Feature

Another fitness-plus side of the S20 is its sleep-tracking aptitude. It is one of the neat additions that show how much you rested for early morning game sessions. Isn’t it interesting to watch your sleep tracking right on your watch?

Smartphone Notifications

Another unique feature that S20 offers is Smartphone notification. While wearing S20, you don’t need to keep your smart phone with you during the game. It will show your watch’s texts, alerts, and emails. That’s why you can keep it as a wireless extension of your smart device that works in place of your smart phone. All you need to do is to connect your smart watch to your phone through Bluetooth. Consequently, receive all the vital information you don’t want to miss.

Long Battery Life

The Garmin Approach S20 features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. You don’t need to worry about the fast battery draining as it will last longer during your long game session for the extra holes. It offers around fifteen hours of battery life, which is sufficient, and you can spend the whole weekend with a single charge. On the other hand, if you use the watch only for activity tracking, it will last about eight weeks.

Economical Price

It is one of the most economical watches, i.e. (available at $199) among all the golf smart watches available on the market. So, what else can you expect from this price tag? It offers many unique and fantastic features and fitness and health tracking. We think you should go for this watch if you don’t want to spend lots of money but still want to get a remarkable gadget.

Garmin Coupon Codes

Although various watch models are presented on the market, we strongly suggest going for the Garmin Approach S20. It is the most acceptable option for beginners and is available for under $200. There are so many Garmin coupon codes available online. You can check them and use them for some available deals to get discounts.

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Water-resistant material
  • Not very expensive
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quick tracking on GPS mode
  • Unfashionable design

  Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is one of the market’s finest and most efficient GPS golf watches. Although it is expensive, most people can’t afford it. However, it’s wise saving up some money and gets this watch rather than other cheap models because it offers so many valuable and unique features.

The Garmin Approach S20 works like a wireless gadget in place of your smart devices. It shows all the essential data that a golfer needs on his wrist. Most importantly, you can connect it through Bluetooth and read text and emails.

No, the Garmin S20 doesn’t have a touch screen. It is a GPS golf watch that is controlled by a button menu. Moreover, it features a super comfortable rubber strap similar to most other watch models.

Indeed, the Garmin S20 has a longer battery life than the S10. You can easily play around four complete rounds with a single full charge. However, using Garmin S10 will allow you to play around three complete golf rounds. Similarly, S20 has an automatic tracking system, but it’s missing in Garmin S10.

Yes, Garmin S20 is a waterproof golf watch with durable material. No worries while enjoying golf, even in the rain. It looks nice and beautiful because of its design. Also, most golfers use this model because it automatically tracks all the critical data.

The Garmin S20 is not only a golf watch. It does so many other tasks, such as you can connect it to the fitness tracker program. It also shows the heart rate monitor and the current time and date.


We expect that you will find our Garmin Approach S20 review helpful. Like always, we give a review of any product based on our testing and consumers” ratings. So, you can trust this review and make the right decision before purchasing it.

As you know, Garmin has been a renowned company manufacturing fantastic GPS watches for years. We covered all the features and functionalities it offers. Still, if you want to know more about the product, ask us in the comment below. Our team is always there to keep you updated.

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