Garmin Approach S12 Review

Some people always want to carry fewer items while going to a golf session. Honestly, it is convenient to have a gadget that can provide all of the essential information during your game. So, a good quality GPS golf watch helps a lot. It offers all the necessary data that a golfer needs.

So, I am here to do the Garmin Approach S12 review. Let’s find out if this smartwatch fulfils all the functionalities we need on the golf course.

Let’s get started.

The Garmin Approach S12 Review

I am writing this review on my testing and getting in touch with those who have already used it for years. So, it is an honest review, and you can trust my information.

Comparatively Affordable

S12 is one of the most economical smartwatches available online, i.e., $199. Although it doesn’t offer all those premium features, still, you can get so many other features at this price. Moreover, for those who are on a tight budget and want to get a golf watch, it is an excellent option for them.

Crystal Clear Screen

Garmin Approach S12 Display

It features an oversized watch face with an easy-to-read screen even in the bright sunlight without narrowing your eyes. Also, the graphics are crystal clear and clearly show all the data on display. However, it is a black-and-white display with no touch screen. You have to operate your watch with manual buttons.

Long Battery Life

Since the watch features a simple screen without a touch system, it is fast and doesn’t drain the battery. It offers a pretty good battery life to play complete three rounds, easily charged only once. On the other hand, if you use it on the off-course just for your daily routine, it might offer more battery timing than that. More than 30 hours of battery timing is good for the whole day.

Easy to Use 

buttons garmin approach s12

Firstly, you must follow some simple steps to set up your Garmin Approach S12. These steps take a few minutes, and you will understand how to operate them. However, as the watch has four manual buttons to use, it takes time to understand the functions of these buttons. Once you get to know them, it will go easy onwards.

Unique Charging Cable

The watch comes with a charging cord exceptional to the Garmin Company. So, ensure to keep the charging cord with good care because if it gets damaged or you lose it, you will have to get it straight from the company.

Lack of Most Functions

Although you get so many unique features with this product, it lacks lots of smartwatch functions also. For example, it doesn’t offer extra gaming features, fitness & health tracking, and a heart rate monitor. Also, you can’t get sleep and step counter on the watch. So, it is the simplest version of a GPS golf watch.

Preloaded Golf Courses

The Garmin Approach S12 comes with more than 42k preloaded golf courses worldwide. So, as soon as you start your golf session, it shows you the golf course options around your area. On the other hand, by pairing your watch with the Golf App, you can download the golf courses easily.

Overhead Green View

It offers you an overhead green view to move the pin with a closer look. So, it helps to measure the distance more precisely. The greens on top of your watch are presented as a semi-circle. I suggest using this simple golf watch only for those who want to use it for their golf sessions. Those who want to enjoy their smartwatch with other intelligent features can go for some other watch models.

Bluetooth Connectivity

And lastly, the watch has Bluetooth connectivity, and you can connect it with all other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also, it is easy to send your scorecards automatically to the Golf App once you sync your watch with the app. In my opinion, this GPS golf watch lacks particular vital features. However, it still offers so many essential features within this price tag.


The watch is waterproof and rated for 5 meters. So, if you drop your watch into the water or it rains suddenly, you don’t need to worry.

  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • Water-resistant for 5m
  • More than 42k preloaded golf courses
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent accuracy
  • It lacks some smart features.

Frequently Asked Questions

The S12 is the successor to the Garmin S10, and both golf watches have similar features. However, S10 has a price tag of $60 less than the S12. Comparatively, S10 has a less clear display, and the battery life is also not as good as in the S12. Still, it is a good option if you are on a budget.

No, S12 is one of the simplest versions of golf watches. It doesn’t come with any latest features, such as a step counter and sleep counter. However, it is a Bluetooth-enabled watch that works both for Android and iOS.

No, S12 doesn’t come with a touch screen, and you need to use the four buttons on both sides of the watch. Moreover, the display is smaller than most other Garmin watches.


After reading this Garmin Approach S12 review, you can see it is one of the most affordable golf watches. It is the best option for those golf lovers who don’t want bells and whistles in their watches. Moreover, comparatively being economical, anybody can afford to have it. It is elegant enough to impress you with its look and simple features. However, it doesn’t have those of the premium features like other costly GPS golf watches.

I have almost covered all of the product’s features; still, let me know if something is left in the comment below.

Jake Paul