Does Apple Watch Series 3 Have Golf GPS

Thanks to technological advancements, a simple game of golf may now be turned into an activity where professionals are created. There is no excuse not to miss a hit these days when it comes to golf, and thanks to the arrival of GPS golf systems directly incorporated into watches, it is now possible to play a much more realistic game and make it much simpler to get that hole in one.

Today, you can buy GPS watches designed specifically as rangefinders and track everything from the course to your swing distance, your score, and much more. However, with so many popular Best smartwatches on the market, such as the first Apple Watch, users want to find methods to incorporate their watches into the golfing world without buying a separate watch just for playing golf.

What Is A GPS Golf Watch?

A golf GPS watch is a popular item that uses GPS and is equipped with the latest emerging technology. These watches are used during golf matches, and they help to make your game easier. It allows you to keep track of distance on a golf course, which is beneficial in many ways. Many brands sell these watches, and each attempts to provide the perfect product that satisfies all of the golfers’ requirements.

Apple Smart Watches

The Apple Watch would be ideal for golf because of its slim, lightweight, and comfortable design; however, with the S1 model, the only way to play would be to have your iPhone nearby, which isn’t always possible. Although the initial Apple watch did not have GPS, and tethering your phone for a GPS signal isn’t the greatest or fastest way to get a signal, the Series 2 and most recent Series 3 models have an upgrade over the first, with brand new built-in GPS tracking. You will discover a few solutions available to help the well-known smartwatches become a little more golf-friendly along the way without spending money on a specific golf GPS watch.

Read on if you want to learn more about how this is possible. We will go through the GPS specifications of the Apple Watch S3 and how you can use their built-in GPS systems in combination with an integrated golf app to develop your golfing skills to the max level. Furthermore, we will also tell you about the apps and also signifying which ones are the best so that you may utilize them to improve your game on the golf course.

The Apple Watch Series 3

The S3 is the most recent and most significant Apple watch on the market. Its GPS is substantially more accurate and sensitive than previous models. Its overhauled fitness tracker is particularly well-liked because of its high level of precision. After an exercise, you may also monitor your heart rate. The S3 can be combined with one of the golf apps listed below in terms of golf GPS. You will undoubtedly love your next round of golf due to its increased accuracy and performance improvement.

Apple Watch Golf GPS Apps

Several different golf apps are available in the iTunes store that can be rapidly downloaded and used immediately. These watches can’t be used unless they’ve been paired with a compatible iPhone. Look for golf GPS apps on the App Store and install them on your iPhone. After you’ve downloaded them, you can start setting them up and using them on your watch whenever you like. Some work without even taking your iPhone out of your bag, and some can’t; it’s all a matter of trial and error. They all have one thing in common: they all help to elevate the golfing experience to new heights without breaking your budget. Here are some of the most popular apps that can be utilized with the Apple Watch.

1.    Golf Shot

The Golfshot App is a winner if you want to utilize GPS while golfing but don’t want to spend the money on a separate golf GPS watch. Or if you are just a casual golfer who wants a little more help on the course. Golfshot is a free GPS app that works with the Apple Watch’s built-in GPS and is available for download. The App displays distances to your next goal, risks, and the green area in real-time. It provides on-the-fly club selections and essential shot monitoring to help you make all of your strokes count.

The ability to zoom in on targets enhances the golfing experience by allowing you to get a better look at your field while also getting a sense of the environment and landscape around you. Its sharp, vivid aerial views of the green and hole allow the user to have a true sense of their course, boosting their confidence in their game. Although using the iPhone from a distance is feasible, several users recommend keeping your iPhone 2 or 3 in your pocket while playing for more accuracy. The Golf shot App also has a subscription edition that offers some more pro features; nevertheless, the free version provides enough for the ordinary golfer to work with.

2.    Hole19

Golfers can use Hole 19 as a social platform. This provides very exact distances to the front, center, and middle of the green and allows the user to keep track of their score on their watch. Users can keep track of their lengths and share their rounds with friends on the website and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is fantastic software for those who enjoy being competitive.

3.   Track My Golf GPS

Track my golf is a golfing app that makes your life so much easier. Automatic stroke counting and swing analysis are possible. Thanks to smartwatch connectivity, this eliminates the need for your phone to be always with you. The App automatically captures the GPS location of each shot you make. It accurately measures your distance from the hole and tracks your club distance on over 35,000 golf courses. This means the Application can be used on almost any course and is ideal for navigating a new golf course.

You may also rapidly alter your shots as needed, track actual club usage, and discover vital insights and data to enhance your game instantly. Track my golf can even assist users in distinguishing between practice and accurate shots, so if you want to enhance your golfing talents, this App must be installed on your smartwatch.

4.    Fun Golf GPS

Golfers made this App for golfers. If you have an Apple Watch Series 3, Fun Golf is another excellent software that can help you improve your golfing skills. This Application is the best to use because it has more than 34,000 pre-loaded professional golf courses. Keeping track of all the golf activities on your wrist provides an extraordinary golfing experience. It includes magnificent 3D maps that allow you to examine your exact route in real-time while also viewing it offline. Scorecards are also available, and they are simple and easy to fill out.

The professional statistics feature a complete variety of statistics that allow you to measure your development and also work on improving your skills. It is also possible to track your shots and get a history of drive accuracy, distance, and greens in the by-law. This App even suggests which club might be ideal for you.

5.    18Birdies

Another outstanding rangefinder is 18Birdies, a popular Application for Apple Watch. This App specializes in scoring, allowing you to enter strokes, fairways hit/missed, putts, chips, and instructing about greens. It gives you real-time and precise distances to the front, center, and back where you are standing on the golf course. All that is required of the user is to swipe on its touch screen. This iPhone app is well-designed, with a few different entertaining games, stunning rewards, and instructions. A premium tier is available, which includes club suggestions and advanced analytics.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Ans: To begin, make sure you have the most recent version of Golf Pad installed on your iPhone. Then, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down until you see Golf Pad under “Available apps,” and install it. Finally, play a round of golf while on the phone. The GPS rangefinder distances are displayed immediately on the wrist.

Ans: Different brands offer the best watches that act as the perfect rangefinder for you. The best among all these watches is the Garmin Approach S10 GPS watch, which meets all the expectations of the golfers.

With the new model, the Apple Watch Series 3 now includes a barometric altimeter, meaning it can track relative altitude. This means that activity trackers now keep track of the more hilly routes you traverse during 18 holes.


This is all about the apple series 3 and its functions. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the Apple series 3 and with which golf GPS apps it operates well, and you can use these stunning apps next time you play golf.

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