Amazfit GTS 2e Review

One of the most durable and compact fitness-tracking watches is GTS 2e. It gives you all those vital features that you need in a smartwatch. Moreover, being amazingly affordable, those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a fitness watch can go for it. In this article, I am giving you my Amazfit GTS 2e review. It is my tried-and-tested review, and you can trust everything I will reveal about the product here.

I used the product for a month and found it impressive and fantastic. So, as always, I decided to give a review on it so that those who want to know about this smartwatch might get benefit from this review. So, let’s dig into it and explore all that it gives to its users.

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My Amazfit GTS 2e Review

My Amazfit GTS 2e

The features it offers are mostly available on various other smartwatch models. However, this model comes with a less price and more features. Let’s see how!

Alexa Voice Assistance

The fitness-tracking watch comes with a fantastic feature called Alexa. It is a great function that allows you to talk with it and give it commands for any process. Just speak to your smartwatch, and it will obey your voice commands. You can use offline voice assistance also to get weather updates, set your alarms, and so on.

Long Battery Life

The well-optimized battery system lets you use your watch for up to fourteen days while in GPS mode. Also, if you are using it without GPS, it offers up to 24 days of playtime. So, you don’t need to worry about charging your fitness watch every few hours. You can enjoy its unique features for many days, even with a single charge.

Water-Resistance for 5ATM

You don’t need to worry about wearing it in light rain, in the swimming pool, under the shower, or at the beach since it comes with waterproof material. It comes with water resistance for up to 5ATM. It doesn’t matter if it suddenly drops into the water as it won’t get damaged.

90 Sports Modes

Amazfit GTS 2e is different from other watch models because it has particular features. For example, you can avail ninety sports modes featured in the smartwatch for the sport lover users. Additionally, you don’t need to select your sport mode as it comes with voice assistance. Just command it to come up with your desired sport.


While using this excellent watch, I felt a comfortable and lightweight experience. It doesn’t irritate the back of your hand throughout the workout. Also, being light, it feels like you are not wearing anything at times. The slim and sleek design looks elegant and stylish to wear on any occasion. Choose your favorite color and make your life easier with this superb fitness tracker.

Heart Rate Monitor

It has many health features such as a PPG sensor, heart rate monitor, BioTracker, stress level tracker, sleep tracker, and SpO2 measurement. Moreover, it monitors for up to 24 hours and alerts you if it detects any misbalance in your heart rate. So, keep an eye on your heart activities throughout the day and night to maintain your health and fitness.

Attractive Touchscreen

The OLED touchscreen is pretty well-responsive and as clear as a smartphone screen. It measures 1.65 inches in size, and the borderless display with curved glass makes it more beautiful and stylish. Furthermore, it offers more than 50 watch faces to select from free of cost. So, choose any one of them according to your preference and style. You can control all the features and set using the touchscreen.

Amazfit GTS 2e

Smart Notifications

This impressive fitness watch is well-capable for managing your smart notifications right on your wrist. Your smartwatch can get your calls, text messages, and emails. So, answer your incoming calls with its built-in speaker after connecting your smartphone with your fitness watch through Bluetooth. Other features include Do Not Disturb, weather forecasts, stopwatches, timers, and alarms.

Body Temperature Monitoring

Like a heart rate monitor, it can also measure your body temperature and alert you if it goes up and down. Most users appreciate this feature since it detects your fever and alerts you in the current situation of a pandemic. The Zepp app offers all these fitness and health features, including blood oxygen saturation. 

Soft Silicone Band

Amazfit GTS 2e comes with a comfortable and soft silicone strap with buckle fastening. You can get your favorite color out of purple, green, and black. Moreover, the strap feels comfy and doesn’t hurt your hand during workouts. Unlike other watch models, I found it more attractive and full of many features within this price tag. 

Magnetic Charger

It has a specific charger made with a magnet. You can stick the charger to the backside of your fitness watch, and it will start charging the device. Also, you won’t have to use small wires to charge your device.

Easy to Set Up

  • Once you charge your smartwatch, the next step is installing the Amazfit Zepp app on your smartphone. The Zepp app is available for both iOS and iPhone devices.
  • Now, you will create an account; however, it is perfect if you already have an account on this app!
  • To pair both devices, scan the QR code that you will see on the watch’s face.
  • It won’t require any confirmation code.
  • Lastly, perform a firmware update.
  • Your fitness watch is all set.

Sleep Monitoring

Another best feature that I found on this fitness watch is sleep monitoring. Since the silicone strap is comfortable and soft, you can keep wearing it throughout the night of sleep. So, it will monitor the quality of your sleep and inform you. Furthermore, it notifies you when you woke up and fall asleep, the scope of deep & light sleep, and the quality of your sleep breathing.

Music Listening

It doesn’t allow you to store your favorite music playlist on your smartwatch for an offline experience. However, you can control the music remotely that is playing on your smartphone. It helps during your workout while your phone is away. All these are easily controllable through the quick responsive touchscreen.

Easy to Use

The Amazfit GTS 2e is simple and easy to use, even for beginners. For workout options, click on the crown button twice, and the menu will open. Similarly, to start & stop your activity, you need to tap or swipe. To end your current activity, swipe up or down. Instead, offline voice commands help to manage the controls.


Comparatively, it is one of the most affordable fitness watches, with a price tag of under $150. So, those on a tight budget who need an excellent smartwatch can avail of this opportunity. I strongly suggest they try this product to keep tracking their fitness.

  • Easy-to-read touchscreen
  • Fast GPS tracking features
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Voice assistance 
  • Variety of workouts
  • Water-resistant material
  • You can’t store music for offline listening

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the GTS 2e is one of the most fantastic watch models. It offers so many excellent features within an affordable price tag. So, for those who want more features while spending less money, it is the best option for them.

You can answer phone calls, receive messages, and other smartphone notifications on your Amazfit GTS 2e. However, it doesn’t allow you to reply to messages from your smartwatch.

Both watch models come with almost the same display and features. However, they have a different glass covering around the screen, such as GTS 2 has 3D curved glass, while GTS 2e comes with 2.5D glass.

No, you can’t use the ECG function on Amazfit GTS as it doesn’t support it. However, it comes with a PPG function using BioTracker featured on your fitness watch.

You can enjoy music directly on this fantastic smartwatch. On the other hand, you can connect your headphones through Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite songs while on the go.

 Of course, like most other smartwatches, it also has water-resistance quality. It comes with a water rating of up to 5ATM. So, no need to take it off while swimming, in the shower, on the beach, or in light rain. 


So, guys, I hope my Amazfit GTS 2e Review helped you explore the fitness watch in detail. If you are on a tight budget and want an excellent device with great features, I recommend trying this watch model. It comes with a price tag of under $150 and is all you need in a smartwatch. So, it means it is worth buying and values your money.

 I tried to dig into all of its features in detail as I used the product personally. Still, if there is something that I forgot to mention, ask me in the comment section below. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Jake Paul